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Are Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro Earbuds Causing Ear Infections

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Did you ever try a new pair of earbuds only to discover that they weren’t right for you? We’ve all been there. However, some Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro owners are reporting more than just ill-fitting headphones. There have been multiple reports of ear infections or allergic reactions to Samsung’s flagship headset earbuds.

What’s the deal with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro headphones? And why are people reporting problems?

Galaxy Buds Pro users report skin reactions and ear infections.

We have not personally experienced any ear infections after using Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro here on MakeUseOf. However, there are multiple reports in other publications and forums that claim the Buds Pro earbuds may be causing ear infection.

Chris Wedel, Android Central first raised the issue. He claims that he had an ear infection following his use of the buds. There have been a number of first-hand reports about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Wedel was eventually admitted to the doctor. He received ear drops, an antibiotic and painkillers. It took three days for the doctor to even examine his ears to make sure his eardrums were still intact.

It wasn’t that Wedel just unpacked the buds and then put them in his ears. He had cleaned the buds thoroughly, and was an expert at reviewing earbuds before he started to use them.

Galaxy Buds Pro-Related Ear Diseases: More Evidence

Online reports indicate that Wedel’s ear infection is not an isolated event. Reddit hosts multiple threads where users share their ear infections. These infections are all said to have been caused by the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Some people report discomfort from using the Galaxy Buds Pro. While not everyone has required medical intervention, it appears that there is a common thread among these Galaxy Earbuds Pro users.

Wedel also points out that Samsung uses nickel for its Ear Buds Pro charging point, which is a metal known to cause irritations. This also indicates that Samsung uses acrylate in the Ear Buds Pro charging points, instead of the more common acrylic, which can cause skin irritations, itching, and other problems.

Reddit isn’t the only forum that has posts about users who claim to have suffered from ear infections and negative reactions after using Samsung’s Earbuds PRO. There’s also a lengthy post on the Samsung Community forum, where multiple people claim to have had similar experiences. Wedel’s pain is certainly not an isolated incident.

A Class Action Lawsuit Against Samsung Is Being Proposed

Wedel and others eventually received their full refunds for their ear infections. But some users are going one step further. A proposed class action lawsuit alleges that Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro headphones may cause allergic and inflammatory reactions and that the earbuds are “unfit for purpose.”

Samsung must be held accountable for any oversights or problems with Galaxy Buds Pro. The lawsuit seeks to force Samsung to correct the problem, not just offer refunds to the affected users, but to make sure that the problem is resolved.

If you are experiencing issues with your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones, you can join one of the Samsung Community threads to put pressure on Samsung and possibly stop using them until the problem is solved.

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