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Apple Watch 8 price here’s what the rumors say

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As we begin the countdown for the Apple Event, the Apple Watch8 price is still a big question. Although we don’t know if the Apple Watch Series 8 will be on stage, it is likely that it will be at the company’s fall hardware announcements.

How much will the Apple Watch 8 be priced? This information will be revealed at the end of the Apple Watch 8 announcement. The Series 8’s starting price is likely to be $399, which is the same price as the best smartwatch for many years.

There are no rumors that the Appel Watch 8’s price will change. This means at least one aspect of both the Apple Watch8 and the Apple Watch 7 should remain the same. The Apple Watch Series 7 is now available at $399.

The 41mm Apple Watch 7 with GPS is $399 For the 45mm Apple Watch 7, the price is $429. The price for cellular support, which allows you to add a phone line (to your Apple Watch) so that you can be connected to the internet without an iPhone, goes up to $499 or $529, depending on the size.

These prices are applicable to the Aluminum Apple Watch Case material. The Stainless Steel watches are $699, while the Titanium watches are $799. The best Apple Watch bands can be customized to make the wearable unique, but the Apple Watch colors should remain the same price and made from the same materials.

The Apple Watch 8’s price will vary depending on the materials used, the connectivity options available and the size of the watch. If you want to spend less, check out our best Apple Watch deals. Or see our guide on how you can trade in your Apple Watch . This will allow you to transfer the value of your existing Apple Watch towards a new model.

Apple Watch 8 Pro price

The Apple Watch 8’s expected starting price is $399, but the Apple Watch 8 Pro may be significantly more. The Apple Watch 8 Pro will offer a brand new Apple Watch experience that is tailored for premium users or rugged activities, much like other Apple ‘Pro” devices.

The Apple Watch 8 and the Apple Watch 8 Pro have different tipped features. The Pro model has a larger display and a longer battery life. These upgrades will be costly — Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated that the Apple Watch 8 Pro could cost as high as $999. This is the same price as the iPhone 13 Pro (and perhaps the iPhone 14 Pro), but there’s a possibility of a $100 price increase.

Apple Watch SE 2 Price

We could also see the Apple Watch 8 Pro and Apple Watch 8 Pro on September 7. Rumours suggest that we will also get the Apple Watch SE2, which is a followup to the Apple Watch SE. The iPhone SE 2022 was released in March. This suggests it is an ‘SE” year.

We’re hopeful that the Apple Watch SE2 will have an always-on display, SpO2 sensors, and a newer processor when it comes time to upgrade to the Apple Watch SE 2. The $279 starting price is still our hope, although rumors suggest it will rise to $299. We remain optimistic that the Apple Watch SE 2 will retail at $279. This makes it the best Apple Watch for those who are on a tight budget.

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