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Apple Watch 6 vs Apple Watch SE: which smartwatch is for you?

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The Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch Se are the most expensive and affordable Apple watches in 2020. Although they look almost identical, you will notice some key differences in their specs. The two watches have different strap options, sensors, and features. The Apple Watch 6 flagship is more expensive.

Apple watches are the best smartwatches for iPhone users looking for reliable and reliable wearables. They offer excellent app support and have strong fitness credentials. These highlights are similar across the Apple Watch 6 as well as the Apple Watch SE.

Both offer standard training features such as Apple Fitness Plus heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and Apple Fitness Plus . Advanced features like ECG and blood oxygen monitoring will only be available for Series 6.

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$399 Target: $349 (Opens in a new tab Apple Watch Series SE (40mm GPS, Apple Watch Series SE): $279.99 Amazon: $229 (opens in a new tab

Design and display – Same front but different back

The Apple Watch SE is a more expensive option if you are just buying the Apple Watch for bling. You may be better off buying an older model of the Apple Watch. Apple has not made significant changes to its design since 2015.

Both the Apple Watch 6 and SE come in sizes 40mm and 44mm. The Apple Watch 6 is slightly larger than the SE, but it’s only a few grams more. It’s not much, but the difference in weight could be noticeable, given the watches’ low weight.

The devices can be submerged up to 50m, but there are a variety of casing options for the SE and Series 6. The Apple Watch 6 is available in stainless steel or aluminum, while the Apple Watch SE can only be purchased in aluminum.

The Apple Watch 6 is available in Silver (aluminum, stainless steel), Gold(aluminum, stainless steel), Space Gray and Blue (aluminum), Product RED and Graphite (stainless), and Space Black (stainless and titanium).

Titanium (titanium). The Apple Watch SE is available in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray (all aluminum).

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Apple Watch 6 (Image credit to TechRadar).

Apple Watch SE (Image credit TechRadar).

The low-end Apple Watches are almost identical in terms of band options. Both models can be ordered with Solo, Solo, and Braided Solo Loop bands. The Apple Watch Series 6 also comes in a few other colors, such as the Nike Sports band, which is breathable, and the Milanese Loop, which is more expensive.

The Hermes edition Apple Watch 6 will cost you $1,249. The Hermes edition has a completely different design than Apple’s standard clasp system. Instead of being interchangeable, the bands attach to the watch body via an attached metal loop at the top or bottom.

All Apple watches have identical displays on paper. They use Retina OLED tech with 1,000-nit brightness. Sharpness across all Apple watches is exceptional with a resolution of 448×368 and a density of 326 pixels an inch in the larger 44mm model.

The watch face’s front glass is one thing that makes it different. The Apple Watch Series 6 has a sapphire-clear display. However, the SE fascia is more affordable and features IonX strengthened glass. The screen-to-bezel ratio of 60% and the 1.78-inch screen sizes are identical for both watches.

Given these identical specs, it is somewhat frustrating that the Apple Watch 6 has an always-on display but the Apple Watch SE does not. Both phones could have supported this feature from a hardware perspective, but Apple decided to limit the functionality of its cheaper watch by limiting it with software.

The sensors are the last difference between the smartwatches. Flip the smartwatches over. The Apple Watch Series 6 will display four dots within a sophisticated-looking sensor array. However, the SE has a concentric circle pattern which doesn’t support ECG or SpO2.

Fitness and features – ECG, SpO2 and other ECGs

ECGs/EKG technology was introduced to smartwatches in the Watch 5 by Apple. The feature has been extended to the Apple Watch 6 but not the SE. This sensor is included in the more expensive Apple Watch. It can detect irregular heartbeats and can also read heart rhythm data.

The watch’s underside has one electrode, and the crown of Apple Watch 6 has the other. When the Apple Watch is securely on your wrist, press a finger onto the crown to reveal your reading.

Also, the SE misses out on a SpO2 sensor. While such an unit isn’t new, it has been used on affordable fitness trackers like the Xiaomi Mi Band5. Prior to the Series 6, however, they were not available on Apple watches. All SpO2 monitors don’t work equally. Apple’s unit has been FDA-certified and is likely to perform well on wearables.

Apple Watch 6 (Image credit to Apple)

Both models of Apple Watch work well with Apple’s new on-demand fitness service, Fitness Plus.

Apple Fitness Plus is a streaming subscription service that provides guided workouts for your Apple TV or iPhone. These include indoor cycling, yoga, and running on the treadmill.

The Apple Watch can transmit your heart rate to Fitness Plus, which can then be displayed on any connected device. It’s not available at launch but will be later in 2020.

The watches can also be used to support third-party apps that make use of the wearable’s sensor to achieve similar goals, such as FIIT, now available through Sky in the UK, and Wondercise which matches movements to those of an onscreen trainer.

Deja vu – OS, power, and battery

Apple claims that the Watch 6 and SE will both last 18 hours. This is similar to previous generations of Apple Watch. We found the SE’s real-world usage to be much more generous than the Apple Watch 6 due to its lack of always-on display support.

Users still have to deal with the charging problem across both watches. WatchOS 7 adds sleep tracking to the series. If you want to use it, it will need to be charged at a different time than when you are in bed. The Oppo Watch has a low-power processor, but there is no VOOC rapid charging tech that will allow it to charge in just over an hour. This gives you less flexibility to prolong the battery’s life.

We didn’t notice any performance differences between the Apple Watch 6 and the SE when it came to power. However, the Apple S6 is a more powerful processor than the Apple S5 on SE. Both watches have 32GB of onboard storage and 1GB RAM.

Both watches can also be used with third-party apps unlike less-smart smartwatches like the Huawei watch GT 2 Pro. App support for both watches was identical in our tests. However, upcoming apps that use the ECG and SpO2 sensors will not work on the SE.


The Apple Watch 6 Wi-Fi model costs $399 / PlayStation379 / AU$599 to buy the 40mm version. The 44mm model is $429 / Ps409 / AU$649. The Apple Watch SE is available for $279 / Ps269 / AU$429 in the 40mm edition, while the 44mm version costs $429 / Ps409 / AU$649.

LTE is a must-have for anyone who wants to buy the Apple Watch 6 40mm, and the 44mm Apple Watch 6 44mm. The price for the Apple Watch 6 40mm Apple Watch 6 is $499 / PS479 / AU$749; the Apple Watch 6 44mm model costs $529 / Ps509 / AU$799 respectively. The Watch SE LTE 40mm is priced at $329 / Ps319 / AU$499 while the 44mm version is $359 / Ps349 / AU$549.

As we have already mentioned, the Apple Watch 6 is available in a variety of more expensive options. You prefer a stainless steel Apple Watch to an aluminum one? Prices start at $699 / PS649 / AU$1,049. Prices for the Hermes double tour stainless steel edition go up to $1,399 / PlayStation649 / AU$1,049.


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