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Apple iPod Touch (7th generation) review

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In May 2019, the Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation) was released. It was an unexpected move, considering that it was the first major upgrade Apple made to its portable music player since 2015.

Apple claims that the iPod Touch 7th generation has more power, communication, and capability than its predecessors. The iPod Touch (7th Generation) was designed for gaming and released just in time to launch Apple Arcade, Apple’s new gaming service.

Is the iPod Touch 7 a music player worthy of the iPod Touch 6? Yes, it is. It’s still our favorite choice in our top MP3 players guide, even though there is a steady stream of other brands releasing portable music players. Finding one might be the problem.

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Apple has officially ended the iPod line since the iPod Touch 7 was released. However, this doesn’t mean that iPod Touch devices such as this one are obsolete. People are still desperate to have one of these portable music players before they disappear.


To find out if Apple’s music player is worth your investment, read our Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation) review.

  • Apple iPod Touch (7th generation) at Adorama WW for EUR199.99

Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation): Price and availability

  • Out of stock, it could be hard to find
  • A relative bargain for an Apple product

Apple iPod Touch (7th generation) key specs

Capacity: 32GB, 128GB, 256GB

Dimensions: 123.4mm X 58.6mm X 6.1mm (H X W X D)

Weight: 88g

Battery: 40 Hours

Display:4 inch Retina Display at 326 pp. 1136×640 pixels resolution

Camera:8MP Camera, 1080p HD Video Recording, FaceTime HD Camera

Audio formatsAAC LC, HE–AAC, HE–AAC v2, Protected AAAC, MP3, Linear PM, Apple Lossless (FLAC), Dolby digital (AC-3), Dolby digital Plus (E-AC-3), and Audible (formats 2,3, 4, Audible Enhanced audio and AAX+).

Although the Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation) is still available on the Apple website it has been discontinued.

Apple has discontinued all iPod models in Spring 2022. The demand for the Apple iPod Touch 7 is high. It’s not surprising that the last remaining stock of Apple’s iPod Touch 7 is gone.

Many third-party retailers have models and colors available for the iPod Touch (7th Generation) – but we aren’t sure how long they will be around.

The 32GB model is available for $199 / AU$299 / AUD 849 at the time of writing. The price for the 128GB model goes up to $299 / Ps299 / AU$499 / AE 1,269 at the time of writing.

The $399 / PS399 / AU$599 / AUD 1,689 256GB option is the most expensive. This is the model we reviewed.

Although it is not cheap, this price is reasonable for an Apple product. This is especially true when you consider how great music and gaming are on this tiny device.

The Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation) came in six colors when it was released. Space grey is one of the few remaining shades, despite low stock levels. This depends on where you look.

Image credit: Future (Image credit to: Future).

Apple iPod Touch (7th generation): design

  • A slim and elegant build
  • Excellent choice of colors
  • It features a 3.5mm headset jack

The Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation) is identical to its predecessors, including the 6th and 5th generation versions. It features a 4-inch display and a lightweight, sleek build.

The home button is located at the bottom of your iPod touch. It doesn’t have Apple’s Touch ID technology, which is a bit disappointing. It was first introduced with the iPhone 5S in 2013, so it’s disappointing that it isn’t here.

This means that you will need to remember a 6-digit passcode in order to unlock your iPod. It might not be an ideal solution for younger users, who might struggle to remember a passcode. However, parents who wish to limit their children’s use of the device may find this helpful.

The on/off button, as with the pre-iPhone X iPhone models is located on the top, and the volume buttons are on the left-hand sides of the display. You can also find front- and back-facing cameras. More information will follow.

Image credit: Future (Image credit to: Future).

The Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation)’s bottom edge houses a Lightning port, speaker and, most bizarrely, a headphone jack. Apple discontinued headphone jacks from its smartphones long ago and replaced them with its multi-purpose Lightning port. The last jack-friendly models were the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPhone SE.

There are many theories as to why Apple would include a headset jack on its new iPod. These explanations range from the superior sound quality of wired headphones to the possibility that Apple is trying appeal to children who might find wireless headphones annoying and fiddly to use.

We are reunited with the 3.5mm jack for headphones and reminded how easy it is to use if regular wired headphones are on hand. The iPod Touch also comes with Apple’s EarPods as well as a Lightning cable to charge.

We realized, however, that we didn’t miss the headphone jack nearly as much as we thought. Wireless headphones are improving all the time. Take a look at our selection of the best Bluetooth headphones to find a new pair. There are many Lightning-enabled headphones on the market if your preference is for a wired connection.

Image credit: Future (Image credit to: Future).

The Apple iPod Touch 7 weighs in at just 88g. It’s also very light with a 4-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to hold and navigate. This makes it both accessible for adults and kids.

Although the display isn’t the best we’ve seen from Apple, it’s still the same resolution as the iPhone 5 (2013). However, we found the 326ppi Retina display to be bright, clear and attractive.

Although the 1136 x 640 pixel display may be a step down from OLED displays used by the iPhone X, it is still a significant improvement over the OLED display used by the iPhone X. However, the cheapest iPod touch model is only a fifth the price of Apple’s most recent smartphone.

It all depends on your screen resolution preferences. The Retina Display was named by Steve Jobs because it is so high-res it’s more than the human eye can handle. You can take what you want from this.

Image credit: Future (Image credit to: Future).

Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation): Battery Life

  • Music playback up to 40 hours
  • Video playback up to 8 hours

Apple claims that the Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation) can play music for 40 hours and video for eight hours.

While moderate use for a few days (music playback, casual gaming) didn’t significantly drain the battery, playing more demanding games such as PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) and streaming video at full brightness drained it faster than other apps.

Image credit: Future (Image credit to: Future).

Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation): Sound performance

  • Hi-Res Audio support
  • Sound quality is dependent on the headphones

We tested the iPod 7’s audio quality using the Apple EarPods included in the box. We were very pleased with how the Apple EarPods handled our music.

We listened to Dutch Uncles’ “Oh Yeah” via Apple Music. The new iPod touch’s vibrant and detailed rendering of the song, with precise percussive hits and tight bass notes, impressed us.

Little Dragon’s “Cat Rider” had a similar feel with its swirling synths and sub-bass lines. Vocals were clear and smooth, right from the crystal highs to the lows.

The iPod touch has reached its seventh generation. It now supports FLAC and Hi-Res Audio codesc FLAC. This gives you more options to listen to audiophile-quality music.

We listened to Mozart’s “Requiem In D Minor” using Vox, an iOS Hi-Res Audio playback application. The strings were warm and natural, while the soprano vocal duets rose sweetly above the mix without ever sounding harsh.

Listening to Hi-Res Audio using Apple’s EarPods is a waste of time. They just don’t do the music justice. We listened to Foals’ Spanish Sahara through a pair of Master and Dynamic Active Noise-Canceling headphones. We were blown away by the softly strummed guitars and vocals.

Your iPod touch’s headphones will make a big difference in how great your music sounds. Our pick of the best over-ear headphones will outperform any in-ears purchased at the gas station.

The EarPods don’t sound bad, but they are convenient and easy to use for casual listening. They are popular for a reason.

The inbuilt speaker is a great addition to the iPod touch. Although it won’t play Hi-Res music, it will provide background music for gaming sessions.


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