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Apple iPhone Call Forwarding Setup & Use

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You don’t have to be confused if you don’t understand Call Forwarding iPhone AT&T, CFU or CFC. Today’s post will also cover Call Forwarding, Call forwarding Unconditional (CFU), and Call forwarding Conditional. To understand how to Call Forward iPhone, you only need to read the following blog post.

The Call Forwarding iPhone feature is the best. We will show you how to make it ON or OFF, and set conditions such as (Unconditional and conditional), and many more.

You can easily forward all calls to another number using the Call Forwarding iPhone feature of your Apple device. If you are worried about losing your mobile phone coverage, call forwarding is a great option. You need to set up call forwarding in order to stop missed calls due to your poor network coverage. All calls to your mobile phone are immediately forwarded by call forwarding to another number.

Setup and Use Call Forwarding iPhone for Apple iPhone Devices

All Apple phones with IOS 5 or higher are compatible with diverting calls. Call forwarding allows you to forward calls from your Apple phone to a predetermined number. Once the number has been added, your call forwarding feature is activated.

Your device supports call forwarding, call waiting, and conference calls. Did you know that some features of your iPhone behave differently? Today we will be discussing the one feature called Forwarding iPhone AT&T. This is the post that you need to read…

What are Call Forwarding Conditional (CFU), and Call Forwarding Unconditional?

Call Forwarding Unconditional –

Call forwarding unconditional (also known as CFU) immediately forwards all calls without the phone being able to ring.

How do you set up call forwarding iPhone?

  • Go to the Homepage screen
  • Click on the Settings> tab.
  • Click on the Phone Settings>
  • Click on the “Call Forwarding” option.
  • To make it green, click on “White slider“.
  • Click on the ” Forward To” button.
    (Enter the number you wish to forward calls to. (Use your number to have calls forwarded to your voicemail).
  • Click on the ” Call Forwarding tab
  • Close the tab after you have completed it.
  • That’s all.

Call Forwarding Conditions (CFC). –

Call forwarding conditional, also known as (CFC), forwards all incoming calls to another mobile number if they are not answered (No reply, Unavailable or Busy).

How do I cancel call forwarding iPhone?

  • Go to the Homescreen.
  • Click on the Settings> option.
  • Click on the “HT0_ Telephone Settings ” link.
  • Click on the “Call Forwarding” option.
  • Click on the “HT0_ Green Slider ” to make it a “HT1_ white ” and cancel call forwarding
  • Close the tab after you have completed it.
  • That’s all.

Forward all incoming iPhone phone calls to your cell phone or landline.

These are the new ways to do Call Forwarding iPhone AT&T. I hope you enjoy this post. It will help you understand the call forwarding process on your smartphone.

Comment below if you encounter any errors while using these methods for Phone Forwarding iPhone AT&T devices.



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