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Apple Glasses: here’s everything we know so far

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Apple Glasses are a rumored product for years, but we don’t expect to see their debut launch anytime soon.

In 2015, the first patents describing software and hardware that could be used to make smart glasses for consumers were released. However, speculation has intensified since 2019.

Apple’s AR/VR headset will be the first, with mixed-reality capabilities set to launch in 2023. Unfortunately, the Apple Glasses will not be available until 2025.

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This is not all bad news. We still have a lot of information about Apple’s AR glasses. We have gathered them all here, so you can see everything we know about Apple’s highly-anticipated AR device.

Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Nothing we know about Apple Glasses is accurate until Apple unveils it (if ever). This is particularly true because the device has been rumored to have undergone a lengthy and complicated production process that may have resulted in some features being changed to make it more practical.

Those are the facts.

Apple AR Glasses: What you Need to Know

Apple AR Glasses Release Date: According to the latest reports, the Apple Glasses will be launched sometime in 2023.

Apple AR Glasses Price: Leaks indicate they will cost around $499 (around AU$765), but you can expect a much higher price.

Apple AR Glasses Features: These AR specs can send images directly to your eyes. They will likely be controlled using basic taps and swipes, plus your Apple iPhone.

Apple AR Glasses Design: They look almost identical to regular specs, but with additional sensors and features.

Apple AR Glasses – Release Date

Apple has not yet announced a release date or even announced the device. However, reports suggest that we will have to wait a while before they launch.

This is partly because Apple plans to launch AR specs once it launches its mixed reality headset. But, development problems have likely delayed the headset’s release, which has likely led to the Glasses being delayed even more.

According to the latest rumors, the late 2022/early 2023 release date of the AR/VR headset is possible. This indicates that the Glasses won’t be available until next year.

Apple may change its release schedule if Apple Glasses are closer to completion than the headset.

WWDC2022’s keynote presentation was a complete failure. We’ll probably have to wait a while before we make any announcement.

Apple AR Glasses Prices

We don’t know how much the AR glasses will cost, as Apple has not confirmed their existence. Leaks and rumors can provide some insight into the price of the digital specs.

In 2020, it was widely believed that the Apple Glasses will retail for $499 (roughly AU$765). However, a later rumor by a JPMorgan analyst indicated that this was actually the cost of the materials.

Although $499 seems a bit high for an Apple product of this quality, the price will depend on how sophisticated Apple’s glasses. A lower price would be acceptable if they are more like the Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses than the AR-versions of the Meta Quest 2.

Apple may also be able to sell its long-rumored MR headset at a lower price. The device will be priced at around $3,000 / PS2,200 / AU$ 4,400. This could make them stand out.

Apple AR Glasses Design Features

Apple’s Glasses and MR headset are being developed, and Apple will need to make sure they don’t look too similar.

It makes sense that the largest leak of Apple Glasses so far suggests that the Glasses, unlike the headset, will behave more like an Apple Watch and not a standalone device. We mean that Glasses will need to be connected to an iPad or iPhone nearby to access most of their features.

This leak, along with subsequent patents, suggests that the Glasses will be controlled using your iPhone’s screen and basic swipe controls on the Glasses’ frame. The Apple Glasses will operate like a pair wireless earphones, with a similar control scheme. You can tap the device to perform basic functions, but you need to use your phone to do more complex operations.

Many Apple patents hint at the way that Apple Glasses will project virtual images. Instead of turning the lenses into screens, the Glasses will cast images directly into your eyes using a catadioptric optic system.

Further support for this claim is a leaked report on injury from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. This suggests that Apple is currently working on a prototype unit that has caused eye injuries to two users. It’s likely to have all the bugs sorted by the time it hits shelves.

We haven’t heard much about the Glasses in AR.

We have yet to hear about the Apple experiences, despite having made a number of key AR talent hires over time , including purchasing NextVR. This startup produced virtual reality content like the NBA and Fox Sports.

We believe productivity will be a major aspect of the Glasses – you can access important emails and apps using the specs. But entertainment and social interaction may be crucial for widespread adoption.

Last, but not least, the specs, which are referred to as Apple Glasses, will look similar to a normal pair of glasses in terms their basic shape, design, and color.

Apple AR Glasses: What’s augmented reality?

Virtual reality (or VR) is a term that most people have heard about thanks to its steady rise in popularity. But augmented reality (AR), is quite a different beast. Here’s a quick overview.

AR is not about immersing oneself in a virtual world. It aims to integrate digital elements into the physical environment.

Most commonly, filters and lenses are used by video messaging services such as Snapchat or Facebook Messenger. These tools can digitally alter the appearance of your face and map virtual objects onto it, making you look like a cute puppy or a scary ghost.

You are probably familiar with Pokemon Go. You can hunt virtual critters in AR environments to make it look real. You can also set up photo scenes with your friends.

AR experiences that are truly amazing use AI to track and modify objects in the virtual world. We can only hope that Apple has created some advanced AR tools after all the time it spent developing its Glasses. But for now, we are still waiting.

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