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Apple AR Headset With Similar Computing Horsepower Like M1 Chip Could Arrive Next Year, According to Kuo

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Rumours of Apple’s AR headset were already circulating. None of these rumors have been confirmed. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a prominent tech leaker, this wearable project will have a computing power comparable to that of the Mac M1 chip.

Apple Tipster Reveals the Rumored Apple AR Headset

Kuo says Apple AR Headset with Similar Computing Horsepower as M1 Chip could be Available Next Year

Macrumorsreported recently that Cupertino’s giant will unveil its AR headset in late 2022. It will be powered by a Mac-like processor. Mixed-reality gadgets will be powered by the same M1 processor that powers the next-generation Apple gadgets.

According to Kuo, a well-known tech analyst who predicted some Apple products’ release in the past, the AR headset won’t require a connection to an iPhone or Mac. The tech giant will instead have a set of apps that can support the wearable.

The report also suggested that Apple would abandon the iPhone within the next ten years.

“We expect that Apple’s AR headset, which will launch in 4Q22, will have two processors. The M1 for Mac’s higher-end processor will have the same computing power as the M1 and the lower-end processor will handle sensor-related computing.

It is notable to note that the AR headset will bring VR closer to reality due to Sony’s 4K micro OLED displays. It will be assigned a high-end M1-like chip for its computing power.

Apple Gadget That Could Outperform iPhone

We could see a device that surpasses the iPhone in the coming years. We know so far that an Apple smartphone must have at least three optical modules in order to be able to operate with high computing power.

The report stated that the AR headset would need at least 6-8 optical modules in order to activate its virtual service to people. This statement shows that VR enthusiasts will see a revolution in the future.

Kuo also teased fans with the claim that the iPhone 14 will be available next year. Rumours suggest that the new smartphone will have WiFi 6E support. It would also offer AR and VR services through its improved features and increased bandwidth.

Forbes also reported on the new MacBook design. The new MacBook design would be equipped with a more powerful processor.

Patent for a Screen “Without Apple Glass”

Tech Times reported in April that Cupertino was working to bring a flat-screen 3D display without Apple Glass. This is the same thing we see on iPhones.

However, the patent did not specify how the user would hold the gadget to enable 3D imaging.

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