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Apple AirTags Used by German Researcher Uncover Secret Intelligence Agency

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To prove that the federal government is part of a secret intelligence organization, a German activist used Apple’s AirTags.

Apple AirTags Used To Locate Intelligence Agency

Apple’s AirTags can be used in both good and poor cases and often allow for the tracking of people. According to Apple Insider, a German researcher used one to expose government secrets.

Lilith Wittmann is a German activist who claims she discovered that Germany’s Federal Telecommunications Service was just a front for an intelligence agency.

The researcher described how she found a federal authority that doesn’t exist.

Wittmann now explains her efforts to prove her suspicion. Wittmann has described her efforts to learn as much information about the agency as possible, including the location of the office.

Some steps she describes cannot be reproduced. For example, searching online for a list federal officials. The researcher also includes transcripts from phone calls she made with an official, whose number she reported as having stopped working.

Wittmann was able to locate the Federal Telecommunications Service also known as Bundesservice Telekommunikation.

The activist cites many reasons why it believes it is part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior or BMI and concludes they are two camouflage authorities.

They are part of a secret intelligence agency called the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

How to Use Apple’s AirTag

Wittmann claimed that all the people she spoke with denied being part of this agency. Wittmann stated that it was a “good indicator” if she could prove that the postal addresses for federal authorities lead to the offices of the agency.

Wittmann stated that it was possible to do manual research and find out where mail goes. A small device such as AirTag can be used to send the current location of mail and determine where it ends up.

Wittmann sent a package with the Apple AirTag in it. She tracked it down using Apple’s Find My Feature. The parcel traveled from Berlin to Cologne-Ehrenfeld through the Berlin sorting centre.

MacTrast reports that the AirTags finally landed at the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Cologne.

An AirTag addressed at a telecommunications authority located in one region of Germany ends up in an office of another agency.

Wittmann’s extensive research can be found in the German Wikipedia entry about the federal telecommunications services. It also reveals how she discovered the intelligence agency.

The activist has posted her third installment of her series, which outlines her extensive research.

She writes that for now the service will keep the Apple AirTag she sent along with her parcel. She said that the AirTags are very expensive and she doesn’t want to return them.

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