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Apple AirTag vs Tile vs Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: which tracker is best?

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We’ve all been there and we’ve been frustrated. It’s not necessary to use the Apple AirTag or Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.

According to the British motoring organization, 43% of drivers spend on average two minutes, 10 seconds per week looking for their keys. This adds up to hours in a year. These devices can significantly reduce the time it takes to find your car keys.

Which tracker is right for you? These small devices can be attached to keys or stuffed in your wallet or bag, but there are subtle differences between them that make each one more useful. We will compare them all to help you decide if Tile, Apple, or Samsung is the best option to protect your stuff.

Apple AirTag vs Tile vs Samsung Galaxy SmartTag smartphone compatibility

The most important factor in comparing these trackers is your smartphone. The Samsung SmartTag and Apple AirTag can only be used with the respective brands’ smartphones.

The AirTag is useless if your iPhone 13 or an iPhone running iOS 14.5 or later is not available to you. The same applies for SmartTags if your Samsung device supports Android 8 or higher.

Tile trackers, on the other side, are compatible with both iOS devices and Android phones. They are ideal for users who prefer to be able to switch between brands of smartphones when new technology is available.

Apple AirTag vs Tile vs Samsung Galaxy SmartTag design

Tile has the largest range of designs across their trackers, making them ideal for different uses. The Tile Mate, and Tile Pro both have holes punched into them. They can be attached to keys and are sturdy enough to be dropped in a bag.

The Tile Thin is designed to fit in any wallet, purse, or passport holder. The Tile Sticker also has an adhesive edge that can be stuck to everything from glasses cases to remotes.

Two very similar designs are available for the Galaxy SmartTag. They both strongly resemble Tile Mate. These are perfect for carrying around in your bag or on a keyring.

The AirTag from Apple can only be attached to a keyring with a keyfob attachment. They are disc-shaped device measuring 3.19×3.19×0.8cm. They are about the same size as a quarter or PS2 coins so they should be placed in a purse, wallet, or bag.

The latest 2021 range of Tiles as well as the Apple AirTags have IP67 waterproofing and dust resistance ratings. They can withstand water up to 1m for 30 minutes.

The Galaxy SmartTags have a rating of IP53. This is a significant drop and could make it difficult to rely on these trackers outside.

The SmartTag scores a few points more for its replaceable battery, which can last up to one year depending upon how much it is used. This is the same as for the Tile Pro or Apple AirTag. The Tile Mate, Slim, and Sticker, on the other side, have non-replaceable battery options that can last up to three years.

Although it’s disappointing that you will have to throw away these trackers after three years, the upside is that you can then test any new features and upgrades Tile has made over the years.

The Tile Sticker, out of all the trackers available, is the most versatile. It has an adhesive side that can stick to almost anything. However, you will need it to be replaced completely if the battery goes flat.

You can choose from a variety of trackers, such as one from Apple, Samsung, or Tile if you are just looking for something to carry in your bag.


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