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Apex Legends season 14: release time, new hero, map changes

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Apex Legends season 14 has almost arrived, and the changes landing will give another facelift to this highly competitive battle royale.

Each drop in Apex Legends offers a different experience. You’ll be hunting for the best loot and trying to beat other squads to get to your favorites spots. Apex Legends is different from other battle royale games like Fortnite and Warzone. It has its own style of fast movement and character abilities. While you may spend some time with gun attachments, there is no need to make anyone into a house or brawl in the gulag for your return to the fight.

Apex Legends season 13 saw some ranking changes (which felt terrible for lower ranks originally), Stormpoint changes, and the introduction of Newcastle. Apex Legends season 14, however, isn’t being too generous with its Hunted update. There’s plenty to digest, whether you’re returning to Apex Legends or if this is your first time playing the best free games.

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Apex Legends season 14: Cut to the chase

  • What’s it? Season 14 – Respawn’s high-speed battle royale
  • When is it available? August 9
  • S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC


Respawn will send Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted live to you on August 9th at 1pm (EST), 10:00 (PST), and 6pm (BST).

S, and PC with full crossplay, as before.

You can now play on PS5 and Xbox Series X with Apex Legends next generation updates!


Respawn dropped two trailers to tease Apex Legends season 14 and give us a peek into the Hunted update. Below you will find the Hunted gameplay trailer as well as the Hunted launch trailer.

Trailer for season 14 of Apex Legends

You’ll see some major Kings Canyon changes and the new legend Vantage, who seems to be a long-range terror.

Apex Legends season 14 trailer

The launch trailer gives us a little more background on Vantage and her first moments in Apex Games as a rookie. We also learn more about her mother, Xenia, who is currently imprisoned.


The revered Kings Canyon has been renamed Reforged Kings Canyon. Respawn isn’t afraid to make changes. It even explained that it made the map larger to encourage players to fight more and less likely to be ambushed by third-party squads. Hunted is a significant improvement. Here’s what has been changed:

Major Changes

  • Relic: Relic replaces the huge hole in season 5 left by Skull Town & Thunderdome. Relic is a vast collection of buildings that are located under and around the original skull.
  • Cage: The giant tower is no longer a cage as its name implies. It is now much more open than the original POI and is easy to access from all sides.
  • Hillside Modified POI: A facelift has been done to the hillside bunker located near Containment. The interior space was removed.
  • Basin Modified POI: Formerly Broken Relay Basin has had its ziplines and buildings removed and its name changed to reflect this.
  • Map Center (Rotations modified): The path through the mountains used to connect Destroyed Bridges and River Center. However, the path to Destroyed Bridges has been cut.
  • Caves (Rotations modified): The cave that linked Marketplace and River Center has now disappeared.
  • Caves (General Change): Marketplace’s cave entrance has been made wider and more visible.
  • Chokepoint close to Cage (General Change): This has opened up the path through the mountains, providing better visibility for players.

Reforged Kings Canyon also has a new loot. The distribution between POI has been rebalanced with Crash Site, Spotted Lakes receiving weaker loot, and Runoff, Hydro dam, Swamps and Octane’s Gauntlet receiving stronger loot.

Overall, loot has increased in quantity, especially in buildings. The quality of loot should be more intuitively correlated to how prominent the POI.

Other changes

The remainder of the smaller changes to Reforged Kings Canyon

  • A new elevated walkway was added to assist players in rotating between River Center and Destroyed Bridges.
  • To help non-movement Legends get to Repulsor’s walls, we added two sets of stairs as well as two ziplines.
  • To help Legends who are not moving, we added a vertical zipline.
  • Two vertical zip lines were added to allow players to access the Swamps walkways.
  • Swamps now has an explosive hold
  • Forest was cleared of a few trees to increase visibility.
  • Two of the three Charge Towers at Capacitor were removed.
  • Five Jump Towers were removed from areas that would have benefited from slower rotations.
  • Many bugs fixed and poor end circles corrected.


In this case, a new season means many changes. Vantage, a young girl and a rookie to Apex Games is a deadly sniper with an adorable bat friend and a rocket pack. At 18 she discovered her mother wasn’t a native but a prisoner from a crash-landed planet.

Vantage sustained injuries. Vantage’s mother intervened and called in the same people who imprisoned her. This saved Vantage but sent her mom back to space jail. Vantage now takes the fight to Apex Games in an effort to raise awareness about her mother who was wrongfully convicted.

Let’s now take a look at the possibilities of Vantage:

  • Passive Ability (Spotter’s Lens).: When you aim down sights without an arm or with a long-range scope, you receive a bullet drop indicator that will help you determine where your shots will land.
  • Tactical Capability (Echo Relocation). Let’s aim our bat pal Echo before launching to the spot you sent him with your rocket pack.
  • Ultimate Ability (Sniper’s Mark): Marks enemies and gives you and your team a damage bonus.

Vantage will be a great choice for any sniper. It can take long-distance shots quickly and help you squad confirm kills.


Hunted will be bringing a new Apex Legends season 14 battle pass. Although we haven’t seen the content, you can expect the same price as before: 950 Apex Coins ($10/PS8/AU11.95).

Cosmetics-wise you can see some of them in the trailer, including new skins to Wraith, Horizon, and Caustic.

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