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‘Among Us’ Will Hit PS4 and PS5 This Year With Crossplay and Multiplayer Features

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Sony revealed that the hit game “Among Us” will be coming to PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5 in mid-2021), during Thursday’s State of Play presentation. 29.

“Among Us” Coming to PS4 & PS5

Sony stated that “Among Us”, just like other platforms, will support crossplay as well as online multiplayer so gamers can play with friends on any platform.

PlayStation players will only be able to purchase “Ratchet & Clank”, a set of cosmetics that allow them to look like Ratchet and Clank.

“Among Us”, which took the world by storm last yea on mobile and PC, became the most downloaded mobile game last year, but it didn’t debut on gaming consoles until December 2020, when Nintendo Switch bought the game.

Microsoft announced two days later that the game would hit Xbox consoles in 2021. Now, the game will be available on PlayStation.

During the event, Sony also displayed 16 minutes of gameplay for its exclusive PS5 “Ratchet & Clank: Rip Apart” game.

‘Among Us” on Xbox Consoles

Studio Innersloth announced that the multiplayer game would be available for Xbox consoles in 2012. You can still play “Among Us” if you’re a subscriber of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC.

According to USA Today, the announcement was made right after Nintendo Switch received the rights to the hit game.

According to the Xbox Wire, the game could be released simultaneously with the new map. The launch should occur simultaneously on Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Xbox Series X systems.

Xbox versions of “Among Us”, however, did not indicate that there would be a new game with any unique features or exclusive content.

The Nintendo Switch version did not include any special features. All versions of “Among Us”, including the Xbox, are compatible with one another, so it is unlikely that the Xbox version will differ from the other.

At launch, the game will be fully up-to-date and compatible with all versions of “Among Us”. Innersloth took additional steps to improve their account system with new updates.

What is “Among Us?” ‘

“Among Us”, an online multiplayer social deduction game, was created and published by American game developer Innersloth. It was released for iOS and Android in June 2018, and Windows in November 2018. This game allows cross-platform play.

The party game Mafia and science fiction horror film “The Thing” inspired the game.

Other maps have been added to the game since the release of The Skeld, the first map. The Airship, the fourth map, was released in March.

The game is set in a space-themed environment, where players take on two roles. Crewmates are the most common, while Imposters are a predetermined number.

Crewmates’ goal is to find the Imposters and eliminate them. They also need to complete tasks on the map. The Imposters’ goal is to kill and sabotage Crewmates in order to complete their tasks.

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