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It can be difficult to keep everyone on the same schedule. Depending on the app you use, you can share shopping lists and recipes as well as photos.

Family Calendar Apps

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most widely used calendar app.

Simply add email addresses and share the link.

Download: Apple | Android


Source: TimeTree

Family members are able to view each others’ calendars easily.

This app provides information on holidays in the US as well as dozens of other countries. TimeTree lets you plan your overseas vacation around specific holidays.

TimeTree allows you to create multiple calendars making it an excellent tool for scheduling schoolwork and business meetings

TimeTree is compatible with Outlook and Google calendars. Members can be invited via email, Facebook Messenger, and text message.

Download: Apple | Android | Web


DigiCal, an app that organises your family’s schedules, can be used in conjunction with other Android apps. DigiCal works best if you already have an Exchange, Google Calendar or Outlook account.

DigiCal allows you to integrate many useful information into your family’s calendar. You can also integrate sports and TV schedules.

Family Calendar Apps for iPhone

Apple Calendar

The Apple Calendar can be used easily. It is also available for free via iCloud.

Apple Calendar’s interface is simple to use. It does not distract from important information, such as tasks and events.

There are multiple calendar options to help you keep track of your school and work.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2’s natural language parsing makes it so popular.

The Calendar app can sync to multiple accounts, including Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar. You can check to see if your family members are available to host an event you’ve created.

This app costs $4.99 for iPhones and $49.99 on Mac computers.

Download: iOS | macOS

Cozi Calendar App is Best for Large Families

Cozi is a family calendar app that’s perfect for busy families. You can manage your dog walker, nannies, and other events with ease.

Cozi’s greatest feature is its ability to assign colours to anyone with access to the calendar.

It makes planning easy.

Cozi allows you to share all your family’s favourite recipes in one place. Cozi offers a family journal that allows you to add photos and capture special moments.

Download: Apple | Android | Web

Any.Do. Any.Do.

Source: Any.do

Any.do makes it easy to organise your shopping and to-do lists

Invite others to any.do Calendar events and tasks. You can also sync other calendars in your family, such as an Outlook or Google Calendar.

Any.do’s integration with Alexa smart speakers is the best part of it.

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