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Amazon PS5 Restock Confirmed to Push Through March 31 For Prime Members

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According to the report, Amazon could be the next retailer that drops stock for the PS5. The report suggests that Amazon could be gearing up for a major restocking event for the next-generation console, which is expected to last until the end of the month.

Amazon 5 Restocking is imminent

According to the Amazon PS5 product page, Sony’s consoles will be discontinued at any moment in March. These are the possible PlayStation stock options.

If you missed the last console drop from other shops, now is the time to place your bets that another round will be available for PlayStation 5.

The Amazon product page for PS5 indicates that Prime subscribers will have priority access to this mysterious gaming machine through March 31. According to Tom’s Guide, this means that a surprise restock may take place at any moment.

You can also opt for an invite-only PS5 stock registration of Sony if you are looking for another retailer. You can expect more people to sign up for this event, so make sure you visit it as soon possible.

Registering for the program does not guarantee you a console purchase. If you are lucky enough, Sony might select you for future restocks.

You might be interested in joining an event where you could win a PS5, check PlayStation 5 Treatment Codes Competition. This contest is open to all participants from selected countries.

Even though there is a very slim chance of getting this console, it is better to make an effort than to ignore the Sony event.

Prime is $12.99 per month if you want to increase the chances of getting PS5. You can also save money by paying a $119 yearly fee. Tech Times also published Amazon tricks that can be used to protect your PlayStation 5 purchase on this store.

Possible PS5 Restock Locations

Restock PS5 Best Buy

This retail giant usually drops stock on Friday afternoons. Sometimes, the retailer can hold a restocking party on Mondays or Thursdays. This makes it difficult to see if there is a pattern in its stock drop.

Make it a habit to visit this store between 12 and 3 PM ET.

Sony Direct PS5 Restock

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to pay close attention to the online registration process by this retailer. Sony usually unveils its products online, so be aware of the long waiting list.

Sony’s PS5 stock is currently out of stock.

Restock Target PS5

Target customers often receive consoles in small batches. Be on the lookout for possible restocks that occur every morning.

GameStop PS5 Restock

GameStop is a great place to shop for bundles. This shop offers a unique game and a $20 gift certificate.

Walmart emptied its stock of PS5 and Xbox last week. The stocks were gone in minutes.

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