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AirPods Microphone Work? Here’s How to Fix It

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Have you had trouble using the microphones in your AirPods? You may have problems using the microphones on your AirPods for a variety of reasons, such as dirt in the microphone holes or incorrect settings or minor bugs.

These tips can help fix microphone problems with Apple’s wireless headphones.

1. Reconnect Your AirPods by putting them back in their case

A new connection to your iPhone is the best way to fix most audio issues with your AirPods Max, especially if they were working fine just seconds ago. Simply place the earbuds in their case or Smart Case if using the AirPods Max , and then you can take them out.

2. Get Rid of All Dirt

Your AirPods may have become clogged up over time. The mic may stop working or sound muffled. Here are some tips to clean your AirPods microphones.

Spray rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Don’t get too wet. Then, rub the microphone holes at the bottom of your AirPods with the swab to remove any gunk. Use a toothpick, or a pair of tweezers, to clean out any particles.

Do not damage the microphone grill mesh.

3. You can check the active microphone settings

You may be unable to use the microphone from one AirPod. This could be due to your settings. You can check your AirPods’ active microphone settings to see if they are set to use both mics.

Click Settings>>> and tap the Information icon right next to your AirPods. Tap Microphone, and then enable the Auto Switch AirPods option. This allows your AirPods to choose the best microphone for you.

You can only use one of the settings in the other category. It can be a problem if your earbuds are not in the correct charging case.


4. Firmware Update for AirPods

AirPods microphones can stop working due to outdated firmware. For the latest firmware version , visit Settings>>.

Try updating the firmware if the version number is out of date (the AirPods Wiki page can be a good place to check).

You can do this by connecting your AirPods directly to a power source. Then, place your AirPods next to your iPhone. You should check back after 30 minutes to ensure that they are updated.


5. Restart Your iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone can be done to fix any connectivity problems that are preventing your iPhone from accurately recognizing the audio input from your AirPods.

For a couple seconds, hold down the Vol Down (or the side) buttons for a while.

To power down your device, drag the Power icon to its right. To boot it up again, wait for 30 seconds by holding down the side button.

6. Get the latest iPhone update

Problems with the iPhone’s software can also cause problems that prevent the AirPods from functioning properly. Check if it helps by updating the Settings> > General> Software Update.

7. Reset Your AirPods, and Reconnect

You still haven’t had your luck? You can reset your AirPods. First, place your AirPods into their Smart Case or charging box. Once the status indicator turns amber, press and hold on the Condition button or both the Noi Control button (or both the Digital Crown_ on the AirPods Max), until it changes to the Status .

Now you can reset them.

Now, open the charging box (or take your AirPods Max Out of their Smart Case), next to your iPhone. Tap Connect > Done.

8. Reset the Network Settings on Your iPhone

Corrupt iPhone network settings may also cause microphone-related problems with AirPods. Open the iPhone’s Settings app, and select General > Transfer iPhone or Reset iPhone > Reset > Network Settings.

9. Repair your AirPods or Order a New One

If none of the above solutions work, your AirPods may be defective. The microphones could also be damaged if you are prone to dropping your AirPods.

Apple Support can be reached at +1 877 682-8528 or you can make an appointment to have your AirPods repaired or replaced at your nearest Apple Store. For more information, you can visit Apple’s AirPods Service and Repair Page.

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