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What time is the Friends Reunion released on HBO Max and Sky?

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Reunion: The Reunion is now on HBO Max (opens new tab) in the US, and Sky in the UK. Here’s how you can watch the Friends reunion online. (opens new tab).

Our countdown of Best Friends episodes (opens new tab) is also available.

Original story by Friends. The Reunion is finally here. Fans who have been long-time fans of this pop-cultural phenomenon are preparing to reunite with six of their favorite fictional friends. ‘The One Where they Got Back Together’ is expected to arrive in less that 24 hours.

Courtney Cox, Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry will all be returning to the unscripted special. It will examine the best moments of the series and explain why it was so popular in the late 1990s, early 2000s.


This one-off episode will feature guest appearances, table readings and a long sit-down conversation with host James Corden. It will be available on Sky and HBO Max on Thursday May 27.

It might be tempting to wonder when you should sit down in your La-Z Boy recliner seat and take a trip down the memory lane with Rachel. Phoebe. Joey. Chandler.

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Friends, what time is it? The Reunion has been released on HBO Max

Friends: The Reunion will be available on HBO Max at 12 AM PT/3AM ET for US viewers.

This means that you will need to stay up past midnight (or even later) to catch the special on HBO Max.

Friends: The Reunion is only available to HBO Max subscribers. You will need to subscribe to get it on HBO’s streaming service. You can sign up for a monthly subscription at $14.99 using our handy HBO Max price widget.

When will Friends reunion launch on Sky?

Friends: The Reunion is available for UK viewers on Thursday May 27th at 8:02am BST.

Although the episode was not supposed to air on Sky’s NOW TV until 8pm BST (which it did), that release time has been moved forward so UK viewers don’t get the special spoilt by US counterparts on social media.

You can stream it starting at 0802 AM, but you have to wait until 8 PM. #FriendsReunionMay 21, 2021

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Subscribe to NOW TV for PS9.99 per month if you want to see the Friends Reunion before you go to work or as soon as it arrives if you have taken the day off.

Friends: The Reunion will also air in other countries on the same day. The special will air on HBO Go in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong at 3:01 PM SGT. It will also be available on Binge on May 27 at 5:02 PM AEST.

Canadian viewers will finally be able to catch the special episode of Crave. The subscription costs $9.99 but you get a seven-day trial for free. The special will be available simultaneously in the US and the UK.

The Friends Reunion in India is not yet available.

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