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7 Underground Torrent Sites to Get Uncensored Content

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To find legal torrents and foreclosed homes, public records, UFOs, or other information, you need to use specialized search engines. You can also enter the dark web.

Google and Bing are loved by everyone, but they only scratch the surface of the internet. Underground search engines are required to dive into the underground web.

These search engines tap into what is commonly known as the invisible web or the dark web. Because they are hidden behind directory requests or query forms, this information is not accessible to standard search engines.

These specialized underground search engines allow you to access hidden areas of the internet like legal torrent search engines or public records. These search engines are not intended to get you in trouble.

1. The Best Torrent Search Engines

If torrents are unfamiliar, they’re essentially shared files that can be downloaded by other nodes (computers on the network). These networks can be accessed via torrent clients such as BitTorrent or uTorrent. You can download files in small pieces, so even if your computer is shut down during a download you can still continue the download later.

It can be difficult to find torrent files. You can help by using a torrent search website, such as the ones in the list.

You’ll find what you need if you use the following torrent sites.

The Pirate Bay

For a long time, the Pirate Bay has been a reliable source of torrent search information. This torrent search site is still available, even though other sites have been shut down.

Searches can be made for everything, from TV and music to applications and games.

You’ll find links to your torrent client to download listings.


Another one is Limetorrents, which has been around for many decades.

You can browse the millions of torrent files available by clicking on the Other and Browse links.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of torrent files that are available when you begin browsing them.

Although torrent networks are often criticized for the illegal content they contain, you can still find useful resources like free e-books and manuals.

Even an anime category exists!

RARBG [No Longer Available]

RARBG is a favorite among torrent enthusiasts for a long time. To search torrents, click on the Torrents tab. Or browse the new additions.

You can also browse specific categories by clicking on the links to the left of the main page. A frequently updated top 10 list and any torrent news will be available.


Torrentz2 was created after the original Torrent site closed down in 2016. It is what is known as a meta-search engine. This means that it searches through multiple torrent search engines to find the best results for you.

Over 61 million files are listed on the main page. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, whether you’re searching for something specific or just browsing.

The search results will show you the download size, user rating and estimated download time (based upon the number of peers sharing the file).

AIO Search

AIO Search is another meta-search engine for torrent files.

It is unique because you can choose specific torrent search engines to be included.

2. Hidden Deals and Bargains

You’re most likely to find results from corporate entities such as Amazon and eBay if you Google cheap laptops or any other gadgets.

There are however databases that offer extremely low (or even free!) prices. There are many websites that contain information about the stuff you need.


Prospector has existed for many years.

It’s like a huge yard sale, where everyone gives away stuff for free.

This site offers thousands of links to other websites offering free file hosting, stock photos, as well as free applications.

Deals on Facebook

How can you get free products from your neighbors? The answer is obvious, as most of them are on Facebook.

To see what your neighbors give away, just visit Facebook Marketplace and search for “free stuff”.

Facebook knows your location so all listings will be in your area. You can also change the location field to adjust the search area.

To add a price filter, adjust the price min or maximum fields to make it more affordable.

There is so much waste in this world, why should your neighbors toss things you don’t need?

3. Find Foreclosures and House Sales

Foreclosures are a great way to buy a house at a lower price than the market.

These properties are scattered all over the internet in various databases. Google is not able to locate them.

Search Without Foreclosure

Foreclosure-Free Search is a search engine that searches through different sources of foreclosure listings across the country (only in the United States).

It offers information on the property, including the price and address — unlike paid websites.

Foreclosure-free search is one of the undiscovered heroes of free foreclosure search engines.


Trulia is a web-based real estate search engine that has been around for many decades. Trulia is a search engine for real estate that gathers information from multiple sources.

Search in your preferred neighborhood and click All For Sale. Select Foreclosures.

Trulia shows you the most recent price changes, up or down, if you want to avoid foreclosures. You can grab a great deal as soon as a seller lowers their price.

4. Search Engines for Public Records

Public records are another common search that can be difficult to find. Many public record search engines are used by commercial companies to offer paid public records to users.

These search engines allow you to access “secret” databases that let you search public records free of charge.

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