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7 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Holiday Entertaining

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Holidays are a time of year when all family members look forward to meeting each other. Typically, all family members gather at one place to celebrate a joyous occasion. It’s a fun family event with adults bringing wines and food and college kids meeting their parents and looking forward to home-cooked meals made by their moms.

However, if you’re the one hosting these gatherings at home, you are probably torn between spending quality time and getting everything ready. What if we told you that you could find a better balance this holiday season and reduce the entertainment stress? Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

We’ve compiled a list of ten kitchen appliances that will simplify holiday planning and help you stay organized, so you can spend as much time with your family as you want.

  1. Wine refrigerator

There’s a high chance everyone who rings your doorbell will be handing you over the wine bottle they brought with them. If you don’t have a wine cellar, your regular fridge or kitchen might not have enough space for all the bottles, especially if you plan to set food on top.

Additionally, different wines taste best at different temperatures. A wine refrigerator will help you preserve your wine longer and keep it at the right temperature for drinking.

You can choose from a wide variety of wine refrigerators, from free-standing to built-in, many of which can be displayed near your entertaining area. Check outhttps://www.lovecraftwines.com/ to learn more about wine fridges.

Wine refrigerators are a surefire way to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen and please everyone at your party.

  1. Buffet Servers

When preparing food for a large crowd, buffet servers, warming trays, and cabinets can all be lifesavers. These handy appliances will maintain a warm temperature for prepared food and keep it covered until it’s time to serve, allowing you to make some of the meal in advance.

Serving warm food is a healthy and safe practice as well. Many models are designed to be guest-friendly and come with adjustable thermostats, non-skid feet, wheels, and lids. If you typically host a large gathering, invest in a warming cabinet; however, if your events are more intimate, a buffet server or warming tray will do just fine.

  1. Blenders

Blenders, today, are more versatile and high functioning than they used to be. So to make your kitchen more efficient and comfortable, it is very important to have a quality blender.

You can quickly mix various party staples with a good blender, from soups and dressings to margaritas and cocktails. Consider investing in a heavy-duty model, so it’s easier to handle and fits perfectly on your counter. You can also buy a colorful model to liven up your kitchen or a model with a programmable digital display.

  1. Ice Makers

Anyone who has hosted a big party can attest to the need for plenty of ice. Rather than stuffing your freezer full of bags of ice, consider getting an ice maker.

There are many types and sizes of dedicated ice makers, from portable to built-in units. The smallest ice makers are capable of making plenty of ice to last an entire party, which is something most people are unaware of.

Install an icemaker beneath a kitchen counter if you have the space. For compact event venues, a portable ice maker is a perfect option. And if you wish to impress your guests, invest in a high-quality clear cube maker that will give you restaurant-quality ice.

  1. Food Slicers

Food slicers can save you a great deal of time when preparing food for large groups. When you use a food slicer, slicing vegetables, meats, and cheeses becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time chatting with your guests or concentrating on other aspects of hosting.

A high-quality food slicer with advanced functions and easy-to-clean features can simplify tasks that otherwise would be time-consuming and messy.

  1. Electric Kettles

This humble kitchen appliance offers much more than a buffet server or a stand mixer at first glance.

We all know that boiling water with an electric kettle is quick and efficient, and we understand its importance on regular mornings! This is why it comes in handy during or after-party mornings!

With an electric kettle, you can quickly serve after-dinner tea or after-party morning coffee. And with automatic shut-offs and insulation, the water stays hot for longer. Even your guests will enjoy using this appliance, taking some load off you in the process.

  1. Stand Mixers

A stand mixer saves you time and prevents sore muscles. This indispensable appliance is quick to rescue when you need to mix, whip, or knead any food, reducing the effort it takes to handle a whisk or wooden spoon manually. A high-quality stand mixer will come with additional features that make switching between cake batter and whipped potatoes easy.


Social active people love having people over for several occasions, like dinners, formal soirées, or house parties. Thus, they know the importance of having everything ready in the kitchen. Additionally, if you have everything you need in the kitchen, you won’t mind having a party more often to entertain your friends or impress clients and potential business partners. With the above list of appliances, you can be prepared in the kitchen and manage to impress your guests.

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