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7 Different Methods to Access ICloud on an Android Phone

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iCloud is a great way for you to keep all of your Apple devices’ email, contacts and calendars, as well as your tasks, tasks and photos, synchronized. But what happens if your iPhone is sold and you wish to upgrade to an Android phone instead?

Apple does not always work well with other ecosystems. But, with the right apps, you can access iCloud from Android.


It is easier than you might think to change from iPhone to Android

This is why you may be reluctant to move to Android from iPhone. Both platforms are entirely different and have zero cross compatibility.

You can access quite a bit of iCloud through your browser on Android. Chrome is most likely your preferred browser. However, any current browser should be able to work. You can sign in with your Apple ID by going to www.icloud.com

Access Apple Mail, reminders, notes and stripped-down numbers and pages will all be available here. This level of functionality is very useful, especially for those who are switching between Android or iPhone (perhaps because they have one for their home and one at work).

You can also access iCloud via various apps without having to use a browser if this doesn’t work for you. This allows you to:

  1. Android: Access iCloud Mail
  2. Sync iCloud contacts
  3. View your iCloud calendar
  4. View Apple Notes
  5. You can access iCloud photos
  6. Sync reminders
  7. Apple Music Collection: Enjoy!

1. How to access iCloud emails on Android

Do you want to learn how to get iCloud mail on Android?

Every Android phone comes with the Gmail application. This app can be configured to allow you access to your iCloud mail account. (You can also get iCloud email on Android with other email apps.

You can start by creating an app password for your Apple email:

  1. Log in at the Apple ID page
  2. On the Manage web page, look for Log-in and Security
  3. Click Passwords specific to apps If so, Make a password for your app
  4. The password description will be asked. Click Create
  5. Take a note of your password because you’ll be using it soon


Next, go to your Android phone

  1. Open Gmail by tapping the email profile icon (usually a photo or company logo).
  2. Scroll to Register another account
  3. Select Other then enter your email address in iCloud and tap Next
  4. The password you just created is now added to Next

Gmail will handle the rest. In a matter of seconds, your iCloud mailbox account will be visible in the Gmail App. Now, you can access iCloud mail on Android. You can also reply to messages.

  1. Syncing Android Contacts with iCloud

It’s easy to sync contacts between iCloud & Android.

  1. Open the iCloud website from your browser, and click Contacts.
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. As you left-click, select all of your contacts or a group by holding CRL.
  4. You can click the gear button again to select Export vCard
  5. Save the file on your computer
  6. Use your computer browser to open Contacts.google.com, and then sign in using the Google account for your Android phone
  7. To the left click Import, and then browse to the file in vCard
  8. Click Import The contacts will be added to your device and begin syncing


If you don’t use Google contacts (e.g. You can use the Samsung alternative instead. Copy the vCard file onto your Android phone or tablet using a USB cable or cloud sync. Then import it into your contacts app.

3. View the iCloud calendar on Android

Your iCloud calendar contents can be published to Google Calendar. However, this is a one way sync. Any changes made in Google Calendar won’t be reflected in iCloud. If you’re moving to Android entirely, however, this should not be a problem.

You should also note that these systems are not fully compatible. Google Calendar will not display all information stored in iCloud.

  1. Begin by opening the iCloud web site in your browser
  2. Select the calendar
  3. You can click the links to view the names of the calendars. Icon for Wi-Fi Style
  4. In the sharebox, look Public calendar and copy the link to the clipboard
  5. Open Google Calendar in your browser (calendar.google.com)
  6. Click the + icon to the left.
  7. Select from URL
  8. Paste the calendar link in your iCloud Calendar
  9. OPTIONAL – If anyone else requires the calendar to be viewed, please use the Make the calendar public box
  10. When done, click Add calendar


4. Apple Notes on Android – Viewing

It is possible to access the Notes app via your browser via iCloud. Although it is not perfect, this is an option that can be useful.

It is very simple to transfer your notes from Apple’s Notes app onto your Android device. However, it has some limitations.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone > Passwords, and accounts
  2. Click Add Account to add your Google account
  3. Authenticate your Account, then return the Passwords/Accounts screen
  4. Select your Google account and tap on the Notes Slider
  5. The Gmail header can be found in the Notes App
  6. All notes in this header will sync to Gmail, so you can move them as needed.
  7. Android: Open Gmail, and look for the Notes label.
  8. Your Apple Notes should all be synchronized to this page

While this is not the fastest way to go, it does get your notes onto Android quickly. Notes can no longer be edited as they are now sent as emails. You cannot also sync them

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