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7 Best Practices for Your Amazon Advertising Strategy

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Taking advantage of Amazon’s rapid growth and new advertising capabilities offers a lot of opportunities for innovation. With Amazon’s continuous refinement of its present offering and increasing sophistication in advertisements options in 2022, it is expected that this growth trend will continue.

Properly designed and managed advertising strategies on Amazon can facilitate the sale of more inventory, accelerate the sale of inventory, as well as improve organic rankings.

For sellers to remain competitive, they will need to stay current with new features, formats, and campaign types and make sure their existing approaches do not become stale. To take your business to the next level, you will need a solid Amazon advertising strategy. How can you make your advertising strategy on Amazon more effective? Let’s find out if we can do that.

If you need some help in figuring out which strategy works best for you on Amazon, reach us at Urtasker. We provide Amazon PPC management services to develop the best strategy for Amazon that drives sales and builds brand reputation.

Listed below are 7 best practices to help you implement a successful Amazon advertising campaign

  1. Establish your goals

It is possible to align your objectives with your targets on Amazon, regardless of whether you are seeking to increase sales or improve brand awareness. As an example, if your goal is to drive more sales, you might deem your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) as your metric of success. For instance, if your goal is to increase brand recognition, you may want to use impressions as your measure of success.

The good news is that Amazon categorizes its product pages according to “Objectives” to simplify the process of determining which Amazon advertising product will work best for you based on your objectives. You must find what works best for you with Amazon marketing service, and this varies from seller to seller. In situations where brand awareness is the seller’s goal, it is recommended to use video ads, display ads, audio ads, and customized advertising solutions.

  1. Make sure you advertise the right products.

You have the best chance of converting clicks into sales by advertising your most popular products. If you want to offer your most popular products at competitive prices, you should be sure to keep them in stock.

Perhaps you wish for an increase in awareness regarding a new product or service that you have in the pipeline. You’ll want to keep your marketing goals in mind as you choose the right products or services to advertise.  Furthermore, it is extremely important that you have done your research to find out whether Amazon would be a good platform on which to display your goods in the first place.

  1. Ensure that product detail pages are clear, to the point, and compelling.

Advertisements on Amazon can lead customers to your product pages, but ultimately, it is the product pages that will result in sales. You should remember to use relevant and useful product details, accurate and descriptive titles, and high-quality imagery when creating a persuasive product detail page.

  1. Place your ads in the places you prefer.

Amazon provides a number of advertising products, including the ability to create voice advertisements that will be placed on devices that are compatible with Alexa. Use video ads to promote your brand across Amazon-exclusive sites such as IMDB and other sites, or use display ads to promote your brand to Amazon users.

As soon as you have determined whether voice, video, or search is the best option for your organization, you should examine your options. Examples include advertising in a variety of ways, including sponsored product ads versus sponsored brand ads.

It should be noted that Amazon offers them tons of options when it comes to putting their ads on various devices and sites. Consider getting creative with your Amazon marketing efforts. Maybe the most appropriate choice for your business would be to have audio advertisements played on Alexa-enabled devices. Maybe you’ll attain a higher return on investment by utilizing Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform). By using this platform, you will be able to target customers across Amazon’s own sites and apps, as well as those from third parties.

  1. Focus your marketing efforts on a specific category

It is also possible to display your products alongside other products that have been rated highly or even alongside products that have tangentially related features. Amazon provides this kind of advanced targeting functionality. You can communicate with shoppers who are interested in those items by showing them ads related to your products. With this advanced targeting tool, your ads can be tailored to fit your customers’ preferences. In addition to that, you can also increase your brand awareness while targeting a highly engaged audience.

  1. Reduce wasted expenditures by using negative keywords

In order to avoid wasting ad spending, it is important to specify negative keywords. Negative keywords are those keywords for which you do not wish to appear in your ad in front of prospective customers who will not convert.

Think about the differences between searching for “Wine glasses” versus searching for “Sun Glasses.” In the event that the user is specifically looking for “Sunglasses on Amazon,” you would not want to appear in a search for “Wine glasses.”

You might want to add brands such as “Bella Festiva” or “Italesse” to your negative keyword list to serve your ad to users with a more general interest.

Negative keywords shouldn’t just be restricted to your product but also include negative keywords that have no relation to your product to avoid wasting money on uninterested users. Using “gluten-free” as a negative keyword would be useful if your product does not contain gluten.

  1. Ad campaigns should be structured according to the performance of products.

Ad campaigns are often constructed based on the performance of particular keywords. When we identify a keyword in an auto campaign that is doing well, we move it to a manual campaign and change the matching type for better control of the bids and daily budget. In spite of the fact that this approach has proven to be quite effective in improving your product’s ranking on Amazon, it is sometimes challenging to control the overall ACoS.

Consider creating advertisements that are based on the performance of a product instead of those that are based on keywords. Let us suppose you have a campaign consisting of five products, two of which have an ACoS of 50%, and the rest average around 20%. As the campaign’s ACoS is increased by the two products with high ACoS, ACoS is increased as well. Thus, an appropriate approach would be to make these two products part of a separate marketing campaign.

With that in mind, one of the first things you can do to reduce the overall cost-per-sale of your campaign is by using this method. Second, you will be able to reduce your PPC campaign spending and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.


The ability to advertise on Amazon has proved to be one of the most effective ways for businesses to increase revenue. A well-designed Amazon advertising strategy for 2021 will improve the ACoS for your business on Amazon, increase sales, and build your brand.

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