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7 Best OCR Software Applications to Convert Images into Text

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You don’t need to manually convert handwritten text or printed text into digital copy. It doesn’t cost a lot to buy professional tools. We will show you seven of the best OCR software that can convert images into text.

What is OCR?

OCR software can convert pictures or handwritten text. OCR tools can analyze a document, compare it with fonts in their database, or note features that are typical of characters. OCR apps can also run it through a spell-checker to find unrecognized words. Although 100% accuracy can be difficult to attain, most software strives to get close.

OCR software can provide productivity shortcuts for researchers, students, and office workers. Let’s try a few more to find the best OCR software.

1. OCR using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote features advanced OCR functionality that works with both handwritten and pictures.

  • OneNote can be used to import a scan of a photo or a saved image. OneNote can also be used to cut a portion of the screen or import an image into OneNote.
  • Right-click the image and choose Copy Text from Picture. You can copy the optically recognized text into the clipboard and paste it into OneNote, Word, or Notepad.

OneNote can extract text from multi-page printouts with just one click. You can insert a multipage printout into OneNote, and then right-click the page you are interested in.

  • To grab text from the selected page, click Copy Text From This Page of The Printout.
  • To copy all pages of the Printout, click Copy Text.

The quality of the photo is also a factor in OCR accuracy. OneNote’s optically recognizing handwriting is still somewhat fuzzy, as it does not work with other OCR software. It is still a key feature in OneNote that you should use whenever possible.

2. SimpleOCR

This is a screenshot of SimpleOCR’s interface

SimpleOCR could have solved my problem with handwriting recognition by Microsoft tools. The software is only available as a 14-day trial. However, machine print recognition does not come with any restrictions.

Although the software looks dated and clunky, you can still use it for its simplicity.

  • It can be set up to scan directly or add a page (JPG TIFF BMP formats).
  • SimpleOCR allows you to control the conversion via text selection, image selection, and text ignore.
  • Conversion to text is the conversion into . A validation stage is used. Users can then correct any discrepancies in the text by using the in-built spell-checker.
  • You can save the converted file to a DOC format or TXT format.

SimpleOCR worked well with text. However, it was not able to handle multi-column layouts. The conversion accuracy of Microsoft tools was significantly better than SimpleOCR.

3. Photo Scan

Photo Scan, an OCR app for Windows 10, is available free of charge from the Microsoft Store. The app was created by Define Studios and is an OCR scanner as well as a QR code reader all in one.

Point the app at an image or file printout. To give the app an image, you can use your webcam. Photo Scan is not compatible with PDF files, unlike many other tools mentioned in this article. An adjacent window displays the recognized text.

The highlight is the text-to-speech feature. Click on the speaker icon to have the app read aloud the text it has just scanned.

Although it is not perfect for handwritten text, printed text recognition was sufficient. Once everything is completed, the OCR text can be saved in many formats, including HTML, Rich Text, and XML.

4. (a9t9) Free OCR Windows App

(a9t9) supports 21 languages to parse your images and convert PDF to text. You can also remove the ads support by purchasing an in-app purchase. It is designed to scan printed documents, not handwritten text like many other free OCR software.

5. Capture2Text

Capture2Text, a free OCR software that runs on Windows, allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly OCR any screen. It is also an executable and does not require installation.

To activate OCR, use the default keyboard shortcut WinKey + Q. The mouse can be used to select the area you wish to capture. To activate optical character recognition, hit Enter. The popup will display the captured and converted text and by default it will also be in the clipboard.

Capture2Text supports more than 100 languages and uses Google’s OCR engine. Google Translate is used to translate the captured text into other languages. You can access Settings from the Windows toolbar.

6. Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR costs money. It is however fast and easy to use. It can be used for up to 20 times free of charge without any subscription. It can be accessed from either the taskbar or the system tray. The software can be used to capture text and upload PDF files, but PDFs must not exceed 15 pages or 50MB.

Right-click the Easy Screen OCR icon to convert text from your screen. Select Capture in the menu. Drag the mouse cursor to take a screenshot of any image or website, document, or another item on your screen. Easy Screen OCR displays a dialog that has three tabs. The screenshot tab shows you a preview of the captured text. To read the text in the image, click the OCR button. You can now copy the optically converted text from the Text tab.

The software’s Preferences allow you to set the recognition languages used for OCR. supports more than 100 languages, because it uses Google’s OCR engine.

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