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6 ways to find out if someone has blocked your Instagram account

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Are there concerns that an Instagram user with whom you have had a dispute recently may be blocking you?

Instagram won’t let you see the list of people who have blocked you by default.

There are ways to find out if someone blocked your Instagram account.

How someone could block you on Instagram

People might block you on Instagram for a variety reasons

  • Spamming their message.
  • Use them in posts that don’t have a relevant topic.
  • Comments on their content in an unprofessional manner

It is possible that you were unable to move on from a relationship or friendship.

Has Instagram blocked me?

How can you determine if someone blocked your Instagram account? There are six methods to check if someone blocked you on Instagram.

1. Searching for their Username?

A person who has blocked you will not see their username or Instagram account when you search for them on Instagram.

If they aren’t blocked, you can view their profile. They will show the message “This account is private” if their profile has been made public.

If your profile does not appear in a search engine, it is possible that they have blocked you or deactivated the account.


It’s important to remember that Instagram users have the ability to change their usernames.

2. Looking at Your Profile

It is impossible to comment on other people’s posts, or send them a message if they are blocked. Please open the message and go to their profile

If you can’t see any posts, it is likely that they have been blocked. It is possible that their name has been removed from the search bar.

3. Follow the Instagram Unique Profile Link

When you create your Instagram account, a unique URL will be created that includes your username.

If someone is blocking you, you can replace their username in the profile link with their account number.

Open Instagram with your browser. Search for that person’s profile and get a link to their profile.

To confirm that your account is active, log out of Instagram. Next, log out of Instagram and open a new tab. Search for the URL.

A username can be changed to change the URL. It won’t work if it has been modified recently.

4. Another Instagram account can be found here.

Using other Instagram accounts or mobile accounts to verify your identity can help you confirm that it is still there. You can also share the username with a friend to see if they search for the username.

If the account does not appear, it has been deactivated. They might have changed their username. You will be blocked if it shows up with the same username.

5. Looking at Shared Instagram Group Chats

If you are in group chat, you can use that channel to see if someone has blocked you.

The other chat member will be visible in your chat list. If they are unable for you to access their profile, you have been blocked.

6. Follow the same account again

If they haven’t posted any photos or posts recently, you can follow them again.

The other person might have unfollowed you or removed you from your followers list.

If the other person blocks your access, you’ll receive an error message.

You now know how to find out if your Instagram account has been blocked

Instagram doesn’t notify you if someone blocks your account. You can however check with your friend if they have blocked you.

Respect the decision of your partner if you are in a bad relationship or they refuse to unblock you.

If someone blocks you on Instagram, they will automatically be blocked from your side. You don’t have to retaliate.

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