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6 Marketing Strategies for Your Storage Business

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Are you running a self-storage business? In today’s time and age, storage businesses are expanding rapidly due to increased demand for external storage. People and students living in temporary houses, away from their homes, rely on these units to store their belongings. After all, it provides a secure space that is accessible 27/7.

However, the overgrowing storage industry poses a challenge for business owners. Besides acquiring market share, they must find new ways to attract customers. Some facility owners are providing value-added services at the expense of rising costs. So, how do you attract customers while winning over competitors? Truthfully, a few marketing strategies can come in handy. You can build a stellar online presence with the help of the website and target the relevant audience.

Similarly, allow users to visit the facility from the comfort of their homes through videos and photos. A solid digital presence will improve your brand visibility while creating awareness amongst the masses. If you want to learn more about this, have a look below. Here we have highlighted six marketing strategies for your storage business.

  1. Invest in PPC

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising comes under the category of paid advertisement. Most business owners hesitate, considering it won’t bring fruitful results, but that’s far from true. PPC ads have become an integral part of self storage internet marketing today. These ads attract new business to your website using the most-searched keywords. Alongside increasing reach, it improves visibility on the search engine results page (SERP).

If you haven’t tried running PPC campaigns yet, jump on the bandwagon. You can set a fixed budget based on a bidding system. It will allow you to choose your spending budget for every month. Then, based on this, you can calculate the results to ensure it offers profitable returns.

  1. Build a User-Friendly Website

Today’s consumers are always in a rush. Hence, if your website takes forever to load or has vague buttons, it will drive visitors away. Therefore, you must create a smooth and simple experience to ensure people can browse your services without trouble. For this, work on creating a user-friendly website. Here are a few tips and tricks.

  • Create a seamless experience that allows users to navigate the webpage. Perhaps, you can create a navigation bar that lets visitors pick a few links in the footer.
  • Keep minimal pages on the website with a sufficient amount of content. Having too many pages can hurt your rankings while leaving the visitors confused.
  • Lastly, ensure your website feels alive by adding images and graphics. Appealing content keeps the visitors engaged, increasing their time on your website.
  1. Give a Virtual Facility Tour

Every storage facility has a website, so you must add a few unique features. So, why not create a self-storage virtual tour? Instead of driving for visits, people can tour your storage facility with their smartphones. They will see your place, the measurements of storage units, cleanliness, and security. Through advanced tech, you can also allow visitors to spin a complete 360 and see the entire facility by moving their smart devices.

Believe it, a virtual tour like this can be a game-changer. It will let visitors take control of their research while saving time and effort. You must hire a graphic designer and 360 photographers to shoot a video of your entire facility. Make sure to add a personalized touch so competitors can’t copy your content.

  1. Optimize Local SEO

Once your website is up and running, optimize it for the search engine. After all, every website requires an SEO approach to rank on Google. For that, you have to target the relevant keyword such as storage facilities, storage units near me, etc. In addition, it will allow you to target the local search engine, attracting visitors nearby to your storage facility.

Besides the keywords, you must ensure that your business address is correct across all listings. It includes Google My Business (GMB), Yellow Pages, etc. Likewise, you must update your GMB with all business details so that people can find your website readily. Lastly, push for links to your website to build its credibility on the local SEO.

Remember, SEO is a comprehensive approach and takes time to yield results. In addition, it requires consistent upkeep, audits, and keyword ranking. Therefore, you can hire experts who can devote their time to SEO can yield profitable returns for your storage business.

  1. Create a Social Media Strategy

In today’s digital age, not having a presence on social media can damage your business. Therefore, ensure a brilliant social media strategy for the storage company. First, you can pick 2-3 social media forums that offer the optimal audience base. After that, attract users through the power of your content. Maybe, you can post photos of the storage facility on Facebook. Similarly, upload walk-through videos and testimonials on your YouTube channel.

Moreover, you can connect with audiences by sharing fun team member highlights and company updates. Simply put, you must get creative with your social media posts since only appealing content catches the eye. A well-designed campaign will bring leads while attracting a lot of new business.

  1. Use Remarketing

People sometimes come to your website but leave without taking action. These are the people interested in your services which you can target through remarketing. First, you have to categorize these users and deliver targeted ads in different places around the website. For this, you can use Facebook or Google Ads as they all offer the retargeting feature. In addition, they have a list of partner websites publishing your ads on various sites.

Remarketing will not only drive customers back to your business but also helps in brand building. Maybe, a new customer could see your ad while browsing, encouraging them to click and visit your site. It also reinforces your brand to lost customers, reminding them to take action. Thus, make sure to use the power of remarketing to drive conversions and increase sales.

Final Thoughts

The storage industry is full of opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs. You only have to find a way to seize the opportunity and profit from it. And for that, people must know about your services, which will be possible when you start marketing. From social media to internet marketing, you must spread the word. Likewise, reach out to audiences on social forums to create brand awareness and find selling opportunities.

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