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7 ways you can watch local TV channels 

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Roku’s Limitations for Local TV

Note that The local TV channels that you see with your Roku are not the same ones that you get via cable TV or OTA.

This is especially true for movies and news. Netflix is your best option for all the movies and TV shows you love.

1. Official Roku Channels for Local TV

Start at the Roku Channel Store if you want to stream local channels through Roku. Both network-affiliated and non-network options are available here.

Over 100 local news channels are available at the store today. Boston 25, FOX13 Memphis News. WPXI Channel 11 News.

Roku Channel Store’s News section allows you to browse local channels without cost. This can either be done online, or via your Roku devices.

2. Roku Third-Party Local Channels

Even if you don’t have Roku, there are still options.

First, check out third-party programs.


NewsON has been discussed at MUO many times. It’s a joint venture of five of America’s biggest television station groups: ABC (Hearst Television), Cox Media Group (Hearst Television), Media General Media, Raycom Media and Raycom Media. Several stations groups have joined this project since its inception.

NewsON now offers free access to more than 170 television channels in 110+ American communities.

Haystack TV

Haystack TV is also a favorite.

Haystack TV works with over 150 local stations. CBS Boston WBZ. CBS San Francisco KPIX. CBS New York WCBS. CBS New York WCBS. NBC Nebraska also has a representative.

Haystack has the ability to be customized. Haystack watches you more closely and learns about you. This allows it to find content that interests you.

Haystack Spotlight can also be worth checking. The channel is for long-form content.

3. Roku – Private Channels

Roku has the greatest feature, the ability to add personal channels.

You will find many good private channels for Roku. Verify that you are allowed to view the content prior to adding a private channel to Roku .

4. Major Network Apps for Roku

With a cable TV subscription, you can still get all official apps from the major networks, including ABC, NBC FOX FOX CBS FOX FOX, FOX FOX and PBS.

Some affiliates are able to stream content through their apps. Contact your TV provider directly to find out if you can get local channels.

5. Roku OTA Antenna

Roku TVs, TVs with the Roku OS built-in, can be connected via the Roku interface to an HDTV Antenna and OTA TV.

It is amazing how much content can be viewed with a TV Antenna, including everything from the NFL to the most acclaimed TV series.

Modern antennas do not have to be expensive and distracting. An antenna that is mid-range should pick up channels greater than 100 miles away depending on the terrain. This Mohu Leaf antenna has been a well-known one.

6. Roku Local Channels Using YouTube

YouTube is another way you can view local channels.

Increasing numbers of local broadcasters stream 24/7 live feeds from their networks. Be able to locate clips, segments, and episodes at a minimum.

YouTube will require that you download the YouTube official app to your Roku device. After signing in with Google, YouTube will ask you to sign up for YouTube.

7. Roku Screen Mirroring

Roku doesn’t offer a native interface for browsing the internet, and there are limited Roku market options.

You don’t have to worry. There’s an easy way around. Miracast, if you’re an Android or Windows user.

Miracast functions just like an HDMI cable. It is perfect for wireless media streaming. Miracast supports many Android phones.

Windows users can go to System>Connect to wireless devices>Connect. Android users should go to Setup>Connected Devices>Cast.

Roku’s Local Channels – Paid Options

There are paid apps. Hulu & DirecTV. These programs can be tried for free to see if it’s right for you.

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