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How do you fix an overheated laptop?

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Even though your laptop is small, it has impressive processing speed. This efficiency comes for a price: Additional heat. Your laptop’s greatest danger is overheating. It can cause hardware malfunctions or permanent damage.

How to prevent or repair overheating laptops.  This will improve their efficiency and prolong their lives.

The Fundamentals of Heating Computers

The fact that a laptop appears hot does NOT necessarily indicate that it has overheated.

When can I tell my laptop has been overheated?

You can hear the fan at maximum speed. This indicates that your computer heats up.

To determine actual heat values, an HTML editor could be used.

This could indicate an issue with your laptop’s overheating. Laptops with onboard graphic cards may not have separate GPU temperatures.

Why is your computer so hot?

Overheating of your laptop due to not enough cooling

Some possible causes include dust blocking intake or exhaust ports and fan blades.

A Thermal Pad, also known to be called thermal glue, is a heating conductor. With a heat sink made from metal, this heat sink redirects heat away.

You can solve most of these issues yourself.

The fanless laptop that uses active cooling to overheat

Passive Cooling is used on fanless laptops.

Passive cooling can be used to cool your computer without needing to see or hear any intake grilles. However, your laptop may experience reduced performance if it is subject to higher heat stress.

Passive cooling laptops have no fans.

How prevent your computer heat

Overheating can often be fixed by hardware repairs.

1. Internal cooling

First, clean out the fan(s), which cools the CPU/graphics cards when they are hot. For more information on opening your laptop and accessing these parts, consult the manufacturer or manual.

You can use this checklist to help you get cleaned.

  1. Turn off your computer
  2. Unplug all cables

Take time to examine your laptop from both its inside and out.

  • Clean your fan(s) if it is possible to open the laptop. Wipe the fan(s), using a cotton swab that has been soaked in Isopropyl alcohol.
  • The fan(s), which can be cleaned with canned air, can also be cleaned by a vacuumer.
  • Next, clean the exhaust port with a vacuum. They can be found on your laptop’s sides. They release warm and easy-to-find air, making them more accessible than intake grills.
  • External intake grills are fans designed to trap cool air inside your computer. For grill cleaning, use canned air.
  • Apply new thermal grease on the GPU, CPU and heat sink. My Laptop has many tutorials that can help with your repair.

2. Place your laptop on a smooth surface

If your laptop has intake grills located at the bottom, anything that blocks airflow or causes heat buildup will result in your internal temperature rising.

It is possible to avoid this by placing the laptop on a flat, stable surface

I use a personal bamboo laptop desktop.

3. Make an investment in a cooling pad for your computer or a laptop cooler

Laptop coolers are designed for cooling your laptop. Before you buy a cooler for your laptop, it is important that you understand how air flows through it.

Laptops draw cooling air from the bottom. A cooler that is placed beneath the laptop can take heat away and cool it down.

A cooler that blows cold downwards can be used if your laptop features intake grills. You could also consider a passive chiller. This does not heat up, but absorbs the power.

DIY cooling pads or laptop coolers

How can you fix your laptop’s overheating?

There are software options that can improve your laptop’s power efficiency, even if hardware solutions fail. However, it could cause a slowdown in hardware performance.

You may reduce the screen brightness, or speed up the CPU clock.

Keep your computer from overheating

Even if your device shows no heat buildup it’s still important to keep the fans clean.

A computer pillow can improve airflow to reduce dust.

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