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Five Ways to Charge your Laptop without a Charger

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Sometimes, you might forget to bring your laptop’s charging cable with you on a trip. These situations will require you to use one of the following methods to charge your laptop and get the work done.

It may be tempting to wonder if your laptop can be charged without an official charger. This part will also be covered, but let’s first learn how to charge it.

  1. Use a Power Bank to Charge Your Laptop

Depending on the model of your laptop, you might be able use one of its USB Type C ports to charge it, even if there is no official charger.

Similar to how you charge your phone via a power bank if there is no other way, you can also use a power bank to charge your laptop.

The problem with this approach is that most laptops require 8v to 12v power. However, power banks typically only have 5 volts. This means that you will need a power bank that can support 12v or more.

2. Use a car battery to charge your laptop

If you don’t have a power bank or a car battery, your car can charge your laptop without a charger.

You can power any device that needs 300 watts or more with an inverter such as the BESTEK $300W Power Inverter.

Although it might not be enough for power tools, it is more than enough to charge your laptop.

This method has a drawback: the power inverter must be left on the vehicle’s floor. You can still use your computer inside or out, which is great for beginners.

3. Use a USB Type C Adapter

A USB Type-C adapter is another option if you don’t own a power bank, or your car’s battery can’t be charged.

USB-C is smaller than Type A and uses an oval-shaped connector that allows for high-power connectivity. It can carry more power and can work at higher speeds. It is a great alternative to a traditional charger for charging your computer.

A USB Type-C adapter such as the Anker USB C Wall Charger would charge your laptop exactly like a power bank, but you will need to plug it into an electrical source. A power bank is not a source of power.

The adapter is protected against high heat and other problems so it’s one of the most secure ways to charge via USB.

  1. Use a universal power adapter to charge your laptop

Although it is great to have an alternative to charging your laptop’s battery using an adapter universal power adapter, you will likely end up with a dead battery or a damaged one if the voltage is too high.

You can use interchangeable tips and it supports many brands. You can connect many battery packs to your car’s 12-volt lighter, making them portable.

5. Use a Super Battery to Charge Your Laptop

Super batteries can be thought of as spare or second batteries for your laptop. They come with different charging cables and can replace your original laptop battery.

When you buy one, make sure it fits your laptop. These devices may not be compatible with your laptop if they aren’t made for it.

This method, as you know, is not very efficient and is only recommended for emergencies.

Is it safe to charge your laptop without the official charger?

It could be dangerous for your battery to use other methods to charge it if you don’t understand what you are doing. It is important to check that your laptop charger has the correct voltage and power settings.

An approved replacement or official charger is the best way for your laptop to be powered in any situation. We have also addressed the question, which is a common question.

Are you tired of charging? Get an M1 MacBook

There is an alternative to the hassle of charging your laptop using third-party chargers.

Both the M1 MacBook Air (and M1 MacBook Pro) have great battery life. If you are just browsing the web and not multitasking, they should last for more than 10 hours.

The battery was at 65 percent when I began writing this post on my M1 MacBook Air; it was still at 62 percent when I finished.

With nine tabs open in Chrome, I used only three percent.

M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks are expensive but can last for up to a day without needing to be charged. These tips will help you maintain your laptop’s non-removable battery for longer durability.

Keep your laptop charged!

These methods could be dangerous for the longevity of your laptop’s battery. Use the original charger that came with your laptop and only use these methods when absolutely necessary. Let’s recap:

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