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510 Amazing Instagram Captions For Your Selfie Picture In 2022

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A picture can communicate a thousand words. Words can add depth and meaning to a photo by telling a story or providing context. Instagram captions are a great way to complete an Instagram post. An Instagram caption can be used to direct customers to your URL, share selfie quotes, increase social media engagement , and so on.

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This article will explain what an Instagram caption is and why it’s important. It also includes tips on how to write the best Instagram captions. Here’s a complete list of Instagram captions that you can use in your photos. You can copy and paste the ones that you like, then go to your Instagram analytics page to see the changes in the performance of your posts.

Table of Contents

What’s an Instagram Caption?

A caption for Instagram is a description or explanation of an Instagram photo that provides more context. Instagram captions may include hashtags, emojis and tags. Here is an example of an Instagram caption:

Anna Kendrick shared a picture of herself with a cute animal. Her Instagram caption reads: “He followed me home ma!” “Can I keep him?” Her caption gives context to the reason she took a photo with the animal. She shared a short story about how the animal followed her home. However, she likely took the picture because she thought it was cute. He was a good friend and she wanted to keep him.

How to Create Instagram Captions

1. Ask for something

The most engaging posts tend to have Instagram captions asking for something.

You can ask friends for friend tags, such as “tag friend who’d like this t-shirt” or “tag a friend that loves it.” Or you could use your Instagram caption and ask people to click on the link in the bio to make a purchase.

Asking for something will engage your audience and help you build a relationship with them. Good Instagram captions are a great way to get people talking, sharing and buying.

2. What is the Instagram Caption Character Limit for Instagram?

Instagram’s caption limit is 2200 characters What is the limit of 2,200 characters? There are approximately 330 words.

You can take advantage of the character limit every once in a while. You might want to post a caption to Instagram with a series of emojis. Other days, you might share a story. 2,200 characters is enough to convey the context of your post.

To keep track of how many characters you have created for your caption, use a character counting tool. This will make it easier to keep within the specified character limit.

3. Use Emojis to make Easter eggs

If you have a loyal and large audience, you may use Emojis for Easter eggs to be left in your Instagram captions. What is an Easter egg? These are little clues that convey a message without saying much.

Dua Lipa, for example, has been using Emojis in recent weeks. According to reports, she’s promoting Love Again.e. She doesn’t say anything about the single but she uses emojis to make her fans laugh.

You can use emojis on Instagram to hype up an upcoming launch, or announcement.

4. Brainstorm several good Instagram captions first

Ever thought of something funny to post on Instagram?

Bleh, sucks. To come up with the best captions for Instagram, you need to first write several captions before selecting one. A list of ideas can be created or you can look up puns to match your keyword.

You need to decide what tone you want for the caption before you start. You may want to share a story, or laugh at someone. Once you have decided what tone you want, it is possible to come up with caption ideas that will work best for your photo.

You’ll find more great Instagram tips here. Jade Darmawangsa teaches you how to use Instagram to your advantage in our free course.

500 Plus The Best Instagram Captions To Use For Your Photos

Instagram Captions for Selfies & Selfie Quotes

  1. Me, myself, and I
  2. Only me
  3. Let me first take a photo
  4. MeTypical
  5. Selfie Sunday
  6. I was meant to shine
  7. Me doing me
  8. Although I don’t take selfies every day, I do so when I can.
  9. What do you think about this look?
  10. This is how I woke up
  11. You couldn’t be more happy

Insta Quotes

  1. Do what is best for you soul.
  2. Stars were even jealous of her sparkling eyes
  3. Relax and enjoy the best
  4. Live a little more by getting out there
  5. You’re not too hard to please, I’m not very high maintenance.
  6. I won’t sugarcoat the truth. I’m definitely not Willy Wonka.
  7. Life is more enjoyable when you laugh
  8. Seek out the magic in every moment
  9. Vodka might not be the solution, but it is worth a try.
  10. One day of sass keeps the basics away

Instagram Captions 2022

  1. While you can regret many things, being kind is something that will never be forgotten.
  2. Do what makes you happy
  3. Serena Williams: “While dreaming is easy, making it a reality is difficult.”
  4. Decluttering my life like Marie Kondo
  5. If I was rich, I would pull a Netflix and spend $100,000,000 on my friends.
  6. In 2021, I would like to be as Insta-famous as an egg and as young as Paul Rudd.
  7. Can’t hear, can’t speak, can’t see.
  8. Constance Wu: “Be heroes in your own stories.”
  9. Ariana Grande: “Hella fine, it works everytime”
  10. My life is as corrupt as Rami Malek’s bowtie

Couples Instagram Captions

  1. Only the two of you
  2. He is my best friend
  3. He is my King, and I am his Queen
  4. Sometimes, relationships end. Love stories can start.
  5. We’re #couplegoals.
  6. My world, my heart and my everything
  7. Bae
  8. My only and unique
  9. My love
  10. You are my 1 in 7 billion


Success Captions

  1. We did it!
  2. Do your best work and then do it harder
  3. Hustlin’
  4. Daydreams can become reality when they are realized
  5. Take risks and say yes to living life on your terms.
  6. It is possible to do the impossible.
  7. Perseverance pays a lot
  8. Although it wasn’t always easy, it was worth it.
  9. Follow your passion, and you won’t work a single day of your life.
  10. Entrepreneur life

Instagram Captions for Best Friend

  1. Friends are stars. They come and go like stars. But the ones who stay will shine as brightly as the sun.
  2. Your best friend may not know all your crazy stories, but he or she was there to support you.
  3. I wouldn’t let my best friend do something stupid…alone
  4. bff
  5. Random things are what make you laugh. Partying until the dawn. I don’t know anyone else that I would want to be by my side. Love ya!
  6. Keep your best friend close because you won’t find another like them ever again
  7. My best friend was shy and quiet in those days. I made her a monster.
  8. Look for someone who can bring out the best in your personality
  9. Your best friend is your favorite bra. She’s supportive, close to you, comfortable, difficult to find, and close to you.
  10. When you are too sad to love yourself, your best friend will be there for you.

Question Captions

  1. Are you sure?
  2. What can I do to help?
  3. What do you think?
  4. This is just stunning!
  5. What would you do if you had the chance to do anything right now?
  6. Which of the following [fill in blank] are YOU?
  7. Trivia Time: How many people tried [fill the blank]?
  8. What are you guys doing?
  9. Are you missing me?
  10. What time is it now?

Lit Instagram Captions

  1. Don’t believe everything you see. Salt can look just like sugar.
  2. Everybody has a chapter that they don’t like to read aloud.
  3. Too lit to quit
  4. Shout out to me because I’m lit
  5. I tell you that I love you not out of habit, but to remind you how much I appreciate you
  6. When I began counting my blessings, it dawned on me that I had everything I could need.
  7. Smiles can make a difference in the world
  8. Fear of making mistakes is the biggest mistake you could make.
  9. Although life is hard, I am able to persevere.
  10. “My coach said that I ran like a girl. “So I told him he could run a little faster.” – Mia Hamm

Captions of One Word

  1. Me
  2. Use
  3. Love
  4. YES!
  5. Ugh…
  6. Heaven
  7. Speechless.
  8. #Goals
  9. OMG!
  10. Surprise!
  11. Awkward…

Motivational Instagram Captions

  1. Oops is always better than what if
  2. It’s time for you to make a knock.
  3. It is the little things that make a difference in your life.
  4. Who will believe in you if you don’t believe yourself?
  5. Although I might not be there yet I am closer than I was yesterday.
  6. It seems impossible until it is done
  7. Although it may be rainy right now, it doesn’t rain forever.
  8. Justin Bieber: “There’s a dream I’ve been chasing and want it to become reality.”
  9. Keep going with your dreams.
  10. You don’t want to tell anyone about your goals. These goals should be achieved. Give yourself five stars!

Instagram Captions for Summer

  1. Feelin’ hot, hot, hot
  2. Sea, Sun, and Smiles
  3. Summer lovin’ happened so quickly
  4. Chasin’ the sun
  5. High tides, blue skies and positive vibes
  6. Hello sunshine!
  7. Life is a beach
  8. Summer is my favorite season.
  9. Eat, tan, sleep, repeat
  10. This is my beach-side resting place.

Saucy Old Hollywood Captions

  1. I’m great when I’m feeling good. But I’m worse when I’m not feeling well. Mae West
  2. “If I were well-behaved, I’d die of boredom.” -Tallulah Bankhead
  3. “I can live with money but not without love.” Judy Garland
  4. “You have to learn to leave the table when you don’t feel loved.” – Nina Simone
  5. “I am just to much.” – Bette Davis
  6. “I believe that pink is the best color.” Audrey Hepburn
  7. “Be yourself. The original is the one that the world reveres. Ingrid Bergman
  8. “Screaming is the best way to start dramatic situations.” – Jane Fonda
  9. “I can restore myself when I am alone.” – Marilyn Monroe
  10. “Struggle, survival, winning and losing doesn’t matter. It’s the act of entering the race that matters. Pam Grier

Feel Good About Your Instagram Captions

  1. “When there is no sunshine, be the sun.”
  2. “The most happy people don’t have all the best; they have the best.”
  3. “Be happy. It drives people insane.”
  4. “Say yes” to new adventures
  5. “Every day is not good, but every day has its good points.”
  6. “You are like a four-leaf clover. It is hard to find, but it is possible to be lucky.”
  7. “Today is the best day.”
  8. “Be the kind of person you want”
  9. Keep your chin up so that your crown doesn’t fall.
  10. “My life isn’t perfect but it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Baddie Instagram Captions

  1. You can act like the world is yours.
  2. My bank account will continue growing so I don’t have to worry about anything else.
  3. Because I don’t fear having enemies, I keep it real
  4. …um ok
  5. You were my cup o’ tea, but now I prefer wine to you
  6. Fleek with ambition
  7. Because I am the catch, I wouldn’t chase after you.
  8. Be aware of your worth, but don’t forget tax
  9. Because I am the reason I smile every day, I am my smile.
  10. I don’t care what you think of me. I love myself.

Cute Instagram captions

  1. “Dream big, dream small!”
  2. “Cute as a button but not as smart!”
  3. “7 billion smiles and yours is mine”
  4. “You do the most beautiful things without even realizing it.”
  5. “Don’t get too excited… It’s a trap!
  6. “Dogs have always been my favourite people”
  7. “Don’t stop retrieving.”
  8. “Not all dogs make good boys.” Some dogs are great with girls!
  9. “What are your eating habits and what can I do to help?”
  10. “I know how I can purr my way through everything.”

Rap lyrics for Instagram captions

  1. “I am not a businessman. I am a businessman.”
  2. You only get one chance, so don’t miss your chance. This chance comes once in your life.
  3. California love
  4. “We’re gonna party like its your birthday!”
  5. “I have 99 problems but I don’t have one”
  6. “The more money that we find, the more problems that we see.”
  7. Big poppa
  8. “Drop it like you’re hot”
  9. Only God can judge me
  10. “I’m feelin’ myself”
  11. “To live doesn’t mean you’re alive”

Funny Instagram Captions

  1. “Handle all situations like a dog.” You can’t eat or play with it if you don’t want to. Just pee on it and move on.
  2. “Being an adult means folding a fitted sheet. Nobody really knows how to do it.”
  3. “I’m not lazy. “I’m in energy-saving mode.”
  4. “I thought I was going to take the world over this morning, but then I got too tired. Postponed. Again.”
  5. “I don’t make the same mistake twice.” It happens to me at least five to six times just so I’m sure.
  6. “Until someone asks what you do for fun, you don’t realize how boring your daily life is.”
  7. “It’s Thursday so here’s my wise quotation of the day… Actually, I got nothing.”
  8. “I’m just a girl standing before a camera, asking if this is Instagram-worthy?”
  9. “Sleep like nobody’s watching.”
  10. “I invented a new term: Plagiarism.”

Cardi B Instagram Captions

  1. “If a girl has beef with me, she’ll have beef with us forever.”
  2. “Knock me down ten times, but I get up ten”
  3. “I’m being kind to you. Are you a stabber? No.”
  4. “I am my own competitor – I’m competing against myself.”
  5. Do whatever you need to do. It is not uncommon for people to tell you how to do something. Do it your own way. Don’t ask for help like “How can I do that?” – just do it. It was something I solved one way or another, and it worked out for me.
  6. “I am the rose that came out of concrete.”
  7. “I’m going to be on a budget till the day that I die.”
  8. “I’m living my best life”
  9. “Looking just like a right swipe on Tinder.”
  10. “Now, I like dollars, diamonds, stunting, and shining.”

Instagram Captions Lyrics 2022

  1. Ariana Grande: “I’ve loved, I’ve lost, but that’s not how I see it”
  2. Sam Smith: “I need someone who can take charge”
  3. “Keep switchin’ your alibi or stutterin’ when you reply. You don’t even have the ability to look me in my eyes. Oh, I can see, I know that you’re lying” – Chainsmokers
  4. “Farewell tequila. So long margarita. And lady sativa I hate to go” – Bebe Rexha
  5. Ariana Grande: “You know what your doing to me.”
  6. Slushii: “It’s hard to find your freedom”
  7. Halsey: “I would sell my heart for a little more time.”
  8. Julia Michaels feat. Selena Gomez
  9. Avril Lavandigne feat. Nicki Minaj
  10. Calvin Harris feat. Rag’n’Bone Man

Song lyrics Instagram captions

  1. “I will stop wearing black when they make it a darker colour.” Wilson ( Expensive Mistakes). Fall Out Boy
  2. “This could be the night my dreams might let you know… All the stars closer.” All the Stars Kendrick Lamar and SZA
  3. “Feeling like an executive and looking at the stars, it doesn’t matter what the cost is, because everyone wants to be famous.” Everyone Wants to Be Famous Superorganism
  4. “Shine on diamond, don’t make me wait any longer.” My My My! Troye Sivan
  5. “I’m going to live as if tomorrow doesn’t exist.” Chandelier By Sia.
  6. “I could build an entire castle from all the bricks they threw at my” — New Romantics Taylor Swift
  7. “Am I more than you thought?” Sugar, Fall Out Boy is Going Down
  8. “If I were you, I would want to be you too.” Me Too Meghan Trainor
  9. “It’s no fun if the homies don’t have any. Snoop Dogg – Isn’t Fun
  10. “Cheers for the freakin’ weekend!” Cheers Rihanna

Instagram Captions Travel

  1. Where would you travel first if you could travel anywhere on the planet?
  2. I hope you enjoy your work.
  3. Leavin’ in a jet airplane
  4. Guess where I am
  5. Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.
  6. It’s time for adventure!
  7. Wanderlust
  8. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
  9. Explore the world, and then sit back.
  10. Traveling is a way to make more money but not more time.
  11. This is the one thing I’m going to cross off my bucket list.

Captions for Cat Instagram

  1. My heart melts at the sound of her meow
  2. I saw you sniffin’ about…is that what you are looking for? !
  4. The purrty has spoken
  5. Omg! Mom! Do you think that’s furr me? !
  6. Is it possible that you went outside with your hooman? Unacceptable!
  7. It’s getting hot here, so I got too fur ….
  8. How did I get here?
  9. Hooooman – Grocery Shopping Today
  10. Whisker Wednesday So nice outside today.

Birthday Instagram Captions

  1. “Birthdays” are nature’s way to tell us to eat cake.
  2. “Birthday”: A day to remember that you weren’t dead in the past year.
  3. “I don’t look a day too fabulous!”
  4. “The more you age, the more you will get better.” Unless you are a banana.
  5. “Birthdays can be good for you. Statistics show that people who live longest have the best health.
  6. “It takes time to grow old” –Pablo Picasso
  7. “Age is just an acronym.”
  8. “I chose this birthday, not my birthday.”
  9. “I don’t get older; I level up.”
  10. “It’s your Birthday; You don’t have any obligation to do anything.” Birthday from Destiny’s Child

Instagram Captions Vacation

  1. Vacation calories don’t count
  2. We are here for adventure!
  3. Memories shared together last forever
  4. You live a better life when there is sand between your feet
  5. It is not polite for a vacation to be delayed.
  6. Sorry, we are currently on the beach relaxing. Please come back soon!
  7. You will regret every vacation you take.
  8. Passports and palm trees
  9. BEACH: Best Escape Anyone Can Have
  10. Routine is safer than adventure. It’s deadly.” – Paulo Coelho

Nature Captions for Instagram

  1. Find the place that makes you feel the most alive
  2. Walking in the woods is like going home
  3. You can find yourself by getting lost in nature.
  4. You can find heaven on Earth by going outside.
  5. Sometimes, all that is needed for the soul is a walk in the natural world.
  6. Mountains call to me
  7. Marcus Tullius Cicero: “If you have a garden, a library and a house, you have everything that you need.”
  8. Nature is the best place to find beauty if you are looking for it.
  9. The world is vast and short so live a full life.
  10. Leave a trail wherever you go

Short Instagram Captions

  1. “Aspire to inspire before you expire.”
  2. “Darling, your work of art is a work.”
  3. “Aim for kindness and laughter often.”
  4. “Free your mind from the thought of what you can’t.”
  5. Every moment is important
  6. “I got nothing.”
  7. “Yup, another food picture.”
  8. “Why are you so serious?” –The Joker
  9. “Smile…it confuses people.”
  10. “Selfie in paradise.”

IG Captions

  1. Life is the greatest party you’ll ever attend
  2. If you throw it hard enough, an apple a day can keep anyone away
  3. Don’t make the same mistake twice, but give second chances
  4. Do not sacrifice family, love, or yourself.
  5. I am unique and that is perfection in itself
  6. My sparkle is unaffected by anyone
  7. Remember who you were as a child
  8. It’s all about having fun and taking risks in life
  9. We are so grateful for this moment
  10. I am thankful for the hardships that have made me who I am today.

Captions for Girls

  1. Fun with a messy bun
  2. It was my mama who gave it to me.
  3. A great woman is not sexy but classy
  4. The world is changing because of girls
  5. Who runs the world? GIRLS.
  6. Like my eyeliner I always do it wing.
  7. I am not one in a million. I’m one of 7 billion.
  8. You can leave a little sparkle wherever you go
  9. I am wild and free
  10. Me is the only one I dress to impress.

Food Instagram Captions

  1. “I eat seafood. I see food and I eat it.”
  2. Cupcakes are muffins that believe and celebrate miracles.
  3. “Did you say exercise? Or extra fries?”
  4. “I’m just an ordinary girl standing in front of a bowl of salad and asking for a donut.”
  5. “My heart wants tacos, but my head says gym.”
  6. “Food before dudes.”
  7. “Resting coffee face.”
  8. “First, we must eat. Then, we can do all the other things.”
  9. “Grillin’ and chillin ‘.'”
  10. “Breakfast. All. Day.”

Captions for Boys

  1. Boys will be boys
  2. My bros are chillin’
  3. Boys have swagger; men have style. Gentlemen, however, have class
  4. In a room full of worriers, be a warrior
  5. Great men are strong because they can be gentle
  6. My greatest motivators are those who hate me
  7. Real men provide, protect and persevere.
  8. A man shouldn’t lie if he wants to surprise someone.
  9. No guts, no glory.
  10. The beast is yours to release

Coffee Captions

  1. Relaxing with a cup of coffee
  2. Hocus Pocus I need coffee to focus
  3. A cup of coffee makes life better
  4. I love big cups, and I can’t lie about it.
  5. Take a break from the computer and have a cup of coffee
  6. Without my espresso, I feel depresso
  7. I like my coffee dark, bitter, and hot.
  8. Caffeine Queen
  9. Too much Monday, not enough coffee
  10. Coffee is a great help when things go wrong

Short Instagram Captions

  1. Oh, hey!
  2. Sweet and short
  3. ….
  4. I have nothing
  5. *Insert funny Instagram caption here
  6. Only livin’ a good life
  7. Simply chillin’
  8. The perfect day is today
  9. Another food pic, Yup
  10. Why are you so serious?
  11. It’s time for a shift

Instagram Attitude Captions

  1. I would rather be someone’s Sunday morning than Saturday night.
  2. Extraordinary: Be the EXTRA
  3. I have hustle and heart
  4. I don’t believe that SOMEDAY will come, but I do believe in TODAY.
  5. When life presents me with lemons, I make lemonade and then sell it.
  6. My life my rules
  7. I’m not luck, but I’m talented
  8. I can take you down, but you can’t beat me.
  9. Although I might be down to earth, I am still higher than you
  10. I am confident that your opinion about me will not change

Selfie with your sister captions


  1. “U is for U, and me.”
  2. “One soul, two body”
  3. “Love is beautiful, sisterhood’s better.”
  4. “You’re my Mary Kate, and I’m Your Ashley.”
  5. “Fairies exist…they are called sister.”
  6. “Sisters? Nah, we’re best friends.”
  7. “How can some people get through life without a sibling?”

Sad Instagram Captions

  1. Tears come from the heart
  2. Sometimes I dream of falling asleep at night before I collapse.
  3. I didn’t make any changes. You did. You stopped loving me.
  4. “Learning is a gift. Even pain can be a teacher.” Maya Watson
  5. When I was a child, I was afraid of the monsters under my mattress. But as an adult, I have come to realize that they exist in my head.
  6. Do you want to be happy? Care less.
  7. You won’t know my story until you hear it.
  8. Even though I am sad, my big smile is always there.
  9. I miss you…
  10. It’s true. I’m sorry. Again.

Captions for prom selfies


  1. “I can’t see heaven being more wonderful than this.”
  2. “Keep your feet, head and standards high.”
  3. “Live for today, plan tomorrow, and party tonight.”
  4. “I wish tonight could be forever, so we never have the need to say goodbye.”
  5. It might seem like the end, but in reality it’s a new beginning.
  6. “Never miss an opportunity to dance!”
  7. Dressing up can make a big difference.

Sassy Instagram Captions

  1. Be a savage, not an average person
  2. It’s not my fault, truth hurts. Here’s a bandaid
  3. Do your best to inspire others.
  4. One dollar, but no change
  5. People who behave well don’t make history.
  6. Although looks aren’t everything, I do have them in case they become necessary.
  7. People often say that I act as if I don’t care, but it’s not true.
  8. It is easy to tell how stupid someone thinks I am by how intelligent they are.
  9. I am classy, sassy, and a little bit badassy.
  10. I have my sassy pants on. Pay attention, world!
  11. I am too glam for a damn

Instagram Dog Captions

  1. Who let the dogs out?
  2. You are my pawfection
  3. My dog is my only friend
  4. Sorry, we can’t meet up. My dog and I have plans.
  5. Your dog will think you’re a great person.
  6. My dog thinks that I’m a huge deal
  7. I would rather be at home with my dog
  8. The best dog in the world is mine
  9. You have everything as long as your dog loves you.
  10. Hush puppy

OOTD selfie captions:

  1. “Life is like art.”
  2. “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit could be.”
  3. “Caring doesn’t really go along with my outfit.”
  4. “People will stare. It’s worth it.
  5. “Too glamorous to give a damn.”
  6. “The invisible crown is my favorite part of this outfit.”
  7. “I cannot concentrate in flats.”
  8. “I’m just trying to make the world a better place one sequin at time.”

Captions for Graduation

  1. “She believed that she could, and so she did.” – R.S. Grey
  2. “Investing in knowledge always pays best interest” – Benjamin Franklin
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs only to those who believe that their dreams are beautiful.”
  4. Finally, I turned my fears into goals and my dreams into plans.
  5. I am excited for the next chapter in my life. Prepare for wild adventures!
  6. You’re so close you can win
  7. David Bowie: “I don’t know where it’s going, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
  8. Here’s to the memories, late nights and cups of coffee that brought me here.
  9. It is time to follow my passion.
  10. BRB. My dreams are being realized.

Captions for inspirational selfies



  1. “Be yourself, do you, and for you.”
  2. “Remember to be gentle with yourself and your broken pieces.”
  3. “They said I couldn’t. “That’s why I did.
  4. “You must believe in the changes that you have already made.”
  5. “Life is too short to be negative.”
  6. “How you talk to yourself is the most important thing.”
  7. “Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost.”
  8. “Grow through the pain you have to go through.”
  9. “The small things in life are important.”
  10. “Worry less, smile more.”

Great Instagram Captions

  1. You are like a four-leaf clover. It is hard to find, but you are lucky to have it.
  2. You are amazing, brave, strong and beautiful in every way.
  3. There is so much to be grateful for
  4. Nothing shines brighter that a heart made of gold
  5. You can’t make mistakes unless you try.
  6. The best part of any journey is the journey
  7. Today is the best day of the week
  8. You can only make your life legendary as much as you want.
  9. Only good vibes
  10. Living the good life

Insta-smart captions

  1. Do not judge others by their failures, but rather how they have fixed them.
  2. What if I don’t upload a photo?
  3. When your idols are your rivals, you know you have made it.
  4. They call me Ranch ‘cuz they be dressing
  5. You can’t just create clever captions for Instagram.
  6. It could be that she was born with it.
  7. It took me 9 months to create the world, but 7 days for the universe to be created.
  8. You will be judged by others for what you do.
  9. I just rolled my eyes so hard that I could see my brain.
  10. Until someone asks what you do to have fun, you don’t realize how boring your daily life is.

Cool captions for Instagram

  1. Be the kind of person you would like to meet
  2. Two friends enjoying a great time
  3. Guess who I just met!
  4. Best. Day. EVER!
  5. What has just happened?
  6. Do it BIG, or you’ll go home
  7. Treat yourself as a King to attract your Queen
  8. This is GOLD
  9. It’s done!
  10. Show gratitude. Do not regret anything

Instagram Caption Ideas

  1. Motivation Monday Motivation Monday?
  2. Taco Tuesday is my favourite day of the week
  3. It’s Wednesday, so here’s my wise saying of the day… Actually, I have nothing.
  4. Here’s a Throwback Thursday photo. If you don’t comment aww I’ll unfollow your.
  5. Friday is my second favorite F-word
  6. “Friday, Friday, you gotta get down Friday!”
  7. Happy #Caturday, y’all
  8. It’s Sunday Sleepy Sunday. Here’s a selfie showing me pretending to be asleep.
  9. Weekend Vibes…
  10. That’s it for my weekend.

Halloween Instagram Captions

  1. Pumpkin, spice, and all things good
  2. You are my favorite BOO!
  3. It’s real!
  4. Happy Halloween!
  5. This is truly spooky!
  6. Straight Outta Coffin
  7. I’m under your spell
  8. Don’t be a witch!
  9. If you’ve got it, haunt it
  10. Trick or treat?

Christmas Instagram Captions

  1. It is beginning to look more like Christmas.
  2. Silent night… We tried.
  3. This is my Christmas List, make sure to double-check it
  4. Falalalalalalalala
  5. I dream of a white Christmas. If the white runs out I’m open to red.
  6. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle
  7. Relaxing under the mistletoe
  8. Grinches, enjoy Christmas!
  9. Do you want me to wrap you up?
  10. It’s the season to be joyful

Instagram New Years Captions

  1. Everyone, Happy New Year!
  2. I have already failed to keep my New Year’s resolutions.
  3. You have 365 days of new opportunities, chances, and days to pursue your dreams
  4. New Year, new look
  5. 2021: New chapter or the same old story? Let’s just wait.
  6. Chinese Proverb: “A journey of a thousand kilometres begins with one step.”
  7. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year!
  8. We wish you all the best in 2021!
  9. Your 2021 year be prosperous and healthy!
  10. Happy New Year, happy dreams, happy goals, happy wins, happy love, happy days and happy new years!

Unique Instagram Captions

  1. Today is a great day. You can’t stop me
  2. When you call me, I will not answer, but my assistant will.
  3. Although it may be painful now, I am strong enough to deal with it.
  4. Smiles and high fives are the best way to live your life
  5. Only vibes
  6. You can see me glowing when the sun sets.
  7. Today, develop good habits
  8. If you wait for good things, I’m going to be an hour late to your date
  9. It’s good to have two hands, because I can be quite a handful.
  10. Every heart has a story to tell

Instagram Gym Captions

  1. Beast mode activated
  2. Your standards should be high and your squats should be low
  3. It’s awkward when you don’t want to wear a Nike shirt, but you have to.
  4. Is it resistance training to refuse to use an elliptical?
  5. The body is not strong if it feels like pain.
  6. Train like a beast
  7. It’s pretty to be sweaty
  8. To get a better photo, I worked my butt off
  9. I HAVE ABSolutely no excuse
  10. How to Get WHEYsted

Insta Captions

  1. Boring is normal
  2. Madalyn Beck: “Be a little bit more you and a lot fewer them.”
  3. EPIC people are essential to living an EPIC lifestyle.
  4. Living a life that I love
  5. …breathe…
  6. This is just me, a girl looking at a camera and asking if it’s worthy of being on Instagram.
  7. Happy thoughts fill my mind
  8. Although it cannot solve all problems, a coffee can help.
  9. Although my life isn’t perfect, it’s the best thing to ever happen to me
  10. Isn’t the outside world beautiful?



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