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5 Stealthy and Secretive Ways to Send Anonymous EMails

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Do you sometimes need to send an anonymous text message? You might be looking to express your feelings for someone secretly. Perhaps you’re a journalist or informant and need to tip off someone but not make it look suspicious.

Sending anonymous emails is possible for many reasons. Using a VPN to protect your identity can help.

It’s easy to send anonymous emails


1. Use a VPN and a burner email account

Use a Gmail account to send anonymous emails. Set up a burner using this email address.

Anonymous emails sent via Gmail use a Google server address. Changing your IP address can increase anonymity.

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An IP address in an email header can only reveal the location and approximate location of a Google Server.


Google stores your real IP address. Google can also provide information about where you are located to any authority, even the government.

A VPN will improve your email anonymity

Protect your privacy with virtual private networks (VPNs). Find out more about VPN connections, and how they work.

We strongly recommend that you buy a VPN service. For CyberGhost or ExpressVPN discounts, click the link.

Your IP is now secure when you connect to the VPN. You will see two important differences when sending an email using your Gmail email account.


  1. Google servers will not display near you if your IP address is traced.
  2. Google can’t provide an IP address to the Government if it is requested by them. Only VPN service can.

This is the most important point. They may have access to your logs. It’s more likely that a free VPN will not keep a log than a paid one.

Note that an anonymous email account to burn is different from one to send disposable emails.

2. Use Your Email client and a VPN

Another option to send anonymous email is to use a computer-based email client. Follow these steps:


  • Register for a throwaway account (like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or something else)
  • Download Thunderbird.
  • Follow the steps to connect to a VPN.

Simply fire up the VPN to make sure that you’re using a remote address. Next send an email from your email client to the throwaway account. You will see your VPN IP address in the email header.

3. AnonEmail

AnonyMouse’s anonymous email service AnonEmail. AnonEmail allows you to send emails anonymously through multiple nodes. This makes it difficult to trace your IP address.


AnonEmail can only be used in three simple steps.

AnonEmail lets you wait for your email before it sends. This will further distance you. It will disconnect you from the send time, send location and any presumptions about geographical locations based on time zones.

4. Cyber Atlantis

Cyber Atlantis also offers an anonymous email service. It strips your IP address and allows you to encrypt it before it’s sent.

All email content is now encrypted. An anonymous sender could attempt to identify the sender of an encryption key if it’s not widely used or distributed to a few.


5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is able to provide an anonymous, completely secure and 2-way email service. Millions of people have trusted ProtonMail to keep their communications private.

ProtonMail core features may be available in ProtonMail

  • Encryption ProtonMail servers send messages encrypted.
  • Privacy User Data. ProtonMail’s encryption uses an encrypted secret key on your computer. ProtonMail’s administrators won’t have access to your messages.
  • Open Source encryption: ProtonMail utilizes an open-source cryptographic library called to make sure your emails remain secure.

A ProtonMail account might be a good idea if you often send encrypted two-way messages. This address will be your primary.

The Best Anonymous Email Service

What anonymizing email service is best for you? ProtonMail will not be able to access your email accounts.

For those who are in urgent need, a browser-based anonymous email system is available.

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