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5 Perks of TikTok as a Social Media Platform

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Social media has become a big part of the internet and technology. It is also one of the popular platforms where everyone can interact and connect with other people. In the 2010s, many people created their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to start their social lives. Since it is a growing community, more social media platforms are emerging, giving people the chance to expand their network and interact with different audiences. 

We must admit that most of us turned to social media, even more when the pandemic occurred. And one of the popular apps today is TikTok. Formerly known as Musically, TikTok is a social media platform where you can post videos vertically in under three minutes. You can also send digitized icons from the TikTok emoji list to interact in the comments section or private message. Continue reading this article to know what lovely things you can get from being on TikTok.

1. Anyone Can Post Their Short Videos 

Studies show that the majority of people have short attention spans. With TikTok, you can immediately entertain other users thanks to short videos. You can join different dance challenges, sing a few lines to a song, and even create relatable short skits. Making and uploading videos will not take hours compared to content creating for Youtube and other social media platforms. It is pretty cool to see different people coming together and doing the same TikTok challenges. Plus everyone’s “for you page” or FYP will contain almost the same contents, so everyone will be able to relate. 

2. You Can Become a Content Creator 

Content creation is one of the popular careers nowadays. Everyone can become a content creator if they have creative ideas and the resources to execute them. Since TikTok already has a large community, you post all your content there. Who knows? You might go viral. Uploading videos on TikTok can also allow you to get noticed by different brands, and they might ask you to promote products for them. If you get thousands or millions of followers, you can gain that blue check verification and build a career. The possibilities are endless when you give TikTok a chance. 

3. Interact with Celebrities and Other Popular Content Creators

Celebrities will also create their TikTok accounts. They can post more content to increase their following and popularity. You can use this platform to have a higher chance of interacting with your favorite celebrities. They may not notice you on Instagram or Twitter, but they might reply to your comments on TikTok. If you post entertaining content, gain almost the same followers like them, and get verified, they might follow you back. Wouldn’t it be exciting if a celebrity slides into your DMs for a collaboration? 

4. TikTok Can Also Be a Messaging App

Messaging is necessary for everyone on social media, especially since everyone cannot easily see each other. Friends from different countries can use TikTok as a messaging app. They can even form group chats in the app. It may not have a video call feature, unlike Facebook and Instagram, but TikTok is still worth the try. One unique thing you can do is send each other TikTok videos in case you want to share something funny, relatable, or informative with your friends and family. 

If you start to gain a lot of fans and followers, TikTok will grant you a live feature. It is where you can do a Livestream and interact with your friends and followers. It will allow you to speak to them intimately and even play games to pass the time.

5. Tiktok Can Also Be for Educational Purposes

As mentioned earlier, it is nice how TikTok only allows you to upload videos that are three minutes or less. It is the perfect opportunity for different professionals to share their knowledge about their field and help anyone in need. 

Psychologists can give mental health advice to those who cannot afford therapy. Doctors are also able to share physical health knowledge and advice. And even teachers upload mini-games where people can answer in the comments section. These contents make TikTok a safe place, plus the community guidelines are strict. 

Final Thoughts

It is nice to know that TikTok also has a growing community. It is a new and fresh way to post videos that can immediately entertain and educate your followers. Using the TikTok emojis are a little different from the regular emoji, so you can explore them and send one to your friends. The things mentioned above are just some of the many reasons you should make your TikTok account, conceptualize, and start uploading your videos. You might just become a TikTok hit overnight. If you do not want to miss out on the latest emoji releases, visit EmojiGuide.com today!

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