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5 ‘Path of Exile’ 3.13 Starter Builds for Ritual League Expansion (With Nerf Projection)

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Players are now looking to create the best builds for “Path of Exile,” (POE) 3.13. This update was announced Jan. 7. The 3.13 Patch Notes update will be available on Jan. 12. There are several builds that won’t be affected by the nerfs, as the update goes live on January 15.

5 Best Paths of Exile 3.13 Starter Builds to Expand Ritual League

‘Path of Exile (POE 3.13 Starter Builds

Requinix offered some of the most “Path of Exile”, 3.13 Starter Builds players could use in Ritual League. These are the key requirements:

  • Easy leveling
  • SSF/Starter is viable for end-game without any equipment
  • Balance of map clearly and bossing
  • Hardcore-level survival, including SC play
  • Hardcore and SC play – Delve ability
  • All contents can be used with A8 Sirus selffound gear

These starter builds also have 3.12 build performance and 3.13 nerf possibilities. You should also ensure that you have enough POE currency to complete these builds before you start.

5 Best Paths of Exile 3.13 Starter Builds to Expand Ritual League

1. Spectre Summoner

Explore Depth: 456HC, 600 SC

Spectre dominated 3.12, primarily due to broken Syndicate Operatives. There is a high chance that Spectres will be nerfed, but it is not yet clear how far. Spectres may not be as dominant as they were in 3.12.

2. Ground Slam / Earthshatter Call of Steel Champion (CoS).

Delve Depth: 594 SC and 871 HC

Ground Slam/ Earthshatter Call of Steel Champion is the most cost-effective way to do the most damage. This build also has a high chance of being nerfed. This build is not functioning as intended. Many players can defeat bosses in end games. It is likely to be replaced by Lacerate/EQbleed Gladiators or Cyclone.

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3. Bladefall / Blade Blast Chieftain / Assassin

Delve Depth: 818 S, 301 H

The Bladefall / Blade Blast Chieftain / Assassin build does amazing and fun damage. The Chieftain variant ends on top, followed closely by the Poison Assassin which led to the Flashback. The projection of nerf is medium. It is not known if and when the Chieftain version of the game will be nerfed. This is due to the possible nerf in Poison associated with the Assassin ascendancy. It is however a bit powerful and can be used with Elemental, Poison and Physical.

4. Carrion Golem Elementalist, (Necromancer).

Delve depth: 404 SC, 499 HCM

Carrion Golem Elmentalist is the most well-known 3.12 class. It has medium nerf projection. The build is strong and easy, even without any gear requirements. Carrion Golems also delete map “ok”, bosses, and it is still very strong. It currently causes 20% more damage to each Golem.

Elementalist is a popular build because it is SSF-friendly and easy to use. After the player discovers Shavronne’s Wrappings, Necromancer emerges. This makes it capable to explore deep. This build is best for Elementalists. Once wrappings have been obtained, it’s better to make a new Necromancer.

5. Blade Vortex Poison Assassin

Delve Depth: 800 SC and 457 HC

Blade Vortex Poison Assassin is high in nerf projection. Although it looks soft, this build is extremely powerful and can destroy entire maps in less than 45 seconds. This nerf could result in a recalculation of the Assassin ascendancy and poison interactions with BV or hits.

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