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5 Online Tools to Convert Video to Sound for Free

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Everybody has a video that they have on their phone. It is only there because of a great song, speech or dialogue. You might enjoy great film scores and listen to amazing instrumentals every day.

It is easy to convert video content to audio. Let’s take a look at five online tools that can convert audio to video.

1. Online Audio Converter

The free online tool allows you to convert audio files from video files. It can convert video files to audio in MP3, WAV and FLAC formats.

The Online Audio Converter tool is a great option for people who have a large music collection. During the conversion process, you can modify the metadata of the file, such as track name, artist and album title, release date, genre, etc.

This online tool allows you to extract audio tracks from video . It also has many customization options. You can adjust the bitrate and frequency as well as reverse playback and remove background voices. Online Audio Converter allows you to convert multiple files at once and save them as a ZIP file.

This tool can be used:

  1. You can open an Online Audio Converter in your browser.
  2. Select your preferred file source from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Select a format to save your audio file.
  4. To change the bitrate, drag the slider. Be aware that larger files can be created by higher bitrates.
  5. Click on the Advanced Settings tab to modify the audio file properties.
  6. Click Convert to change your video file into audio.

In a matter of minutes, your file will be available to download. Online Audio Converter promises that files will be deleted automatically from their servers within a few hours of downloading. This should provide some relief for privacy concerns.

2. FreeConvert

FreeConvert, an all-in-one converter, supports conversions of audio and video files. It can convert ebooks, images, archives and units from one format into another. You can even convert time zones on the site!

FreeConvert’s video to audio converter has many functions that allow you to fine-tune the audio output to your preferences. You can adjust the bitrate of the audio file, trim the file to only convert the parts that you need, and add fade in and fade out effects.

FreeConvert can also optimize files to be used on a particular device such as an iPhone, Android, iPhone or iPad. It is simple to use with very few ads and audio output of high quality.

FreeConvert allows you to convert any file.

  1. Browse Open on your browser.
  2. Scroll down to Music Convertertab, and choose your preferred format from that list.
  3. Next, click on Choose Files to upload from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive or URL. FreeConvert limits the maximum file size to 1GB.
  4. After you have uploaded your file, click on the drop-down menu next to Convert to and choose a format.
  5. If you wish to make further adjustments to the audio output file, click the settings icon.
  6. To convert click Convert to start the process.
  7. Once the conversion is completed, you can either download your file or add additional files to make a batch conversion.

The online converter comes with 256-bit encryption software. Your file is deleted from the server once it is downloaded to protect your privacy.

3. VidConverter

VidConverter, an online video converter, allows you to modify the format of your video without compromising quality. This tool is easier to use than the other two. If aesthetics are important to your life, then this tool is for you. It is easy to use, fast, and compatible with desktop and mobile browsers.

VidConverter is like all the others and can convert over 200 video formats. You can also use it safely because your files are deleted automatically when you download them.

This free audio to video converter is available:

  1. You can open VidConverter in your browser.
  2. Depending on the source of your file, choose Convert a Video File or Convert A Video Link/URL.
  3. To upload from your device click the Upload Tab. Copy and paste the URL to the Paste Link Tab if you are importing video via URL. VidConvert limits file sizes to 200MB
  4. Select your preferred audio file format and audio quality.
  5. By adjusting the end and start timer tabs, you can trim and cut the parts of the video that you wish to convert.
  6. To convert click Convert and then download your file once it is complete.

4. Convertio

Convertio offers a simple interface for users who are looking for an easy way to convert files. Convertio can also convert ebooks, CAD files and presentations. It also supports fonts, vectors, archives, fonts and other content formats.

The converter works on all platforms including Android, iOS, Android and Linux. All it needs is a browser. This converter can convert video to audio and offers over 60 audio formats.

Convert Ios file upload limit is only 100MB for free users. To convert large files, you will need to either pay for a premium subscription or use one of the converters listed here.

This tool can be used:

  1. You can open the Convertio in your browser.
  2. Google Drive or Dropbox . Convertio does not allow you to import video from URLs.
  3. Click Convert. Wait for the file to convert and then save it.

Once the conversion is completed, the input file and the output file are deleted.

5. MP4 Converter

MP4 is one the most popular video formats. This converter can convert all your MP4 files into MP3s. This converter is quick and can convert large files as well as batch.

Although the tool is easy to use, it has some limitations. Uploads can only be made from your computer or from a URL. You cannot upload from Google Drive or Dropbox. This tool cannot convert other formats to MP4 and MP3 files.

This online converter can be used:

  1. Go to MP4 – MP3 Converter in your browser.
  2. To upload your file from device storage, click File or click URL for a link.
  3. Next, click Convert for the conversion process to begin.
  4. The conversion should take only a few seconds and then you can download the audio file.

Although this tool can only convert one video format, we find its speed and ability for multiple conversions to be a bonus.

You can easily convert video into audio

These tools will allow you to convert favorite video sounds into audio for your device. It’s never been easier to take advantage of the internet media. These converters are great. Give them a try and let us know which one you like.

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