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5 Must-Download Samsung Apps for Android Users

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Samsung has always been a hardware-based company. But, Samsung’s steady investments in software technology over the past few decades have allowed its apps to be able to compete with established industry standards.

Samsung apps are not available only to users with Galaxy devices. However, some of them are available to everyone. This guide will show you five of the top Samsung apps every Android user needs to download.

1. Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is, without doubt, one of the most useful and popular Android browsers. We have shown how Samsung Internet is easier to use and comes with tons more customization options in our full comparison.

Samsung Internet is known for its best features such as:

  • With one-hand use, you can quickly take action while web surfing. Access the menu list to modify up to 30 buttons.
  • Customizable and customizable address bar: Increase reachability by moving the address bars to the bottom.
  • Privacy Dashboard A weekly summary of trackers which have been blocked. Your browser history can be blocked by websites. Receive warnings about malicious sites by blocking pop-ups.
  • An even more powerful version for Incognito Mode, Secret Mode can be locked with a password, or fingerprint, to protect your private tabs. Also, Secret Mode will keep any private downloads such as images, videos, and documents safe from being discovered beyond Secret Mode.
  • The video assistant is a built-in video player, with intuitive gesture-based controls. It replaces the native third-party video player.

The browser is pre-installed and set as the default choice on all Galaxy devices. However, the browser is also available from the Play Store for those who own devices from other manufacturers.

2. Samsung Smart Switch

Data transfer is the largest problem that smartphone users experience. There are many apps which perform the same function. Many of these apps are either slow or unreliable. Unfortunately, many people lose their sensitive data when they transfer their files from an older device.

Samsung Smart Switch, by far, is our favorite Android data transfer application. It’s reliable and fast. The user-friendly interface doesn’t impact the quality of your photos or videos. You have the option to either transfer files wirelessly (or via a USB Cable), which is much safer and more efficient than wireless transfers.

Smart Switch allows you to move any file, such as media, call logs or messages, contacts and messages, download apps, user accounts, documents, and many more. It can transfer files to and from Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

3. Samsung Health

Samsung Health is an app that tracks your activity, sleep and calories. It’s the default gym app on Galaxy watches. This app has many useful features to help you monitor your health and track your progress.

You can set goals for your fitness, challenge friends, or participate in global fitness competitions. A selection of videos created by fitness experts can help you get in shape. These videos are about weight loss as well as muscle-building, running, endurance training and mindfulness.

The app’s user interface is simple and elegant, which makes it great for beginners as much as experienced users. You can view your weekly activities, sleep, diet, and other data. Each milestone you accomplish earns you a badge to remind you how far you’ve come on your fitness journey.

4. Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings is an all-in-one app that allows you to manage, sync, and control all of the smart home devices in your home. It can be used for controlling lighting, thermostats and appliances.

While it isn’t easy to set up your smart home, it is easier than ever thanks to the recent update of SmartThings.. This new version introduced a fresh UI, some new features and increased support from more smart devices. Check out the list of compatible SmartThings devices to get an even better idea.

SmartThings does not require that you have Samsung-made appliances or devices to use the app. SmartThings works in any home provided that you have supported brands. To create your SmartThings account

5. Samsung PENUP

Samsung phones can be equipped with an S Pen, which allows users the ability to create detailed and better artwork. Samsung PENUP lets you create amazing artwork with your third-party stylus.

It’s an online social networking platform built for creatives. There you can upload and share original artwork, participate and win challenges, view and comment on popular artworks and follow your favorite artists. Samsung PENUP excels in community interactions, which is a feature that many other sketching apps offer.

Live drawing will help you get better at drawing. You can also make your own coloring pages and look at the creations of others using the templates.

These Samsung Apps Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Samsung apps have many great features that are often overlooked. These Samsung apps offer a variety of useful features, including a better web browser, a more capable fitness app, and a way to unleash your imagination.

Some apps work better with Samsung Galaxy devices than others, but they’re still worth checking out, even if the device is made by another manufacturer. Best of all? All the apps can be used for free without any fees and they don’t have annoying subscription plans.

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