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5 Great Samsung Apps That All Android Users Should Download

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Samsung has been a hardware company for a long time, but its steady investments in software have made its apps and services worthy alternatives to established industry standards.

Some Samsung apps are only available for those who own a Galaxy phone, but others are open to all Android users. This guide will focus on five of the best Samsung apps every Android user should have.

1. Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet privacy dashboard

Samsung Internet useful features

Samsung Internet is one of the most popular, if not the greatest, Android browsers. We compared Samsung Internet to Google Chrome and found that the former is more user-friendly, and offers tons of customization options.

Samsung Internet has some of the most amazing features:

  • Toolbar Quick actions for web surfing using one-hand operation You can access and customize up to 30 buttons from this menu.
  • Customizable Address Bar: Enhance reachability by moving the address bar to the bottom.
  • Privacy Dashboard View a weekly summary and blocking of trackers. You can prevent websites from viewing your browsing history. You can block pop-ups or automatic downloads. Also, you will be notified about potentially harmful websites.
  • Secret Mode This is a more powerful version to Incognito Mode. You can lock Secret Mode using a password or fingerprint. It protects your private tabs and prevents other people from finding private downloads like images and audio.
  • Video Assistant An integrated video player that can be used to replace the native player on a third-party website.

All Galaxy devices come pre-installed with the browser and it is the default option. You can also get the browser directly from the Play Store if your device is made by a different manufacturer.

2. Samsung Smart Switch

Data transfer is one of the most frustrating issues smartphone users have to deal with. There are many apps that can perform the same function. However, most of them are slow, unreliable, or both. It’s not uncommon for people to lose their data when they transfer files from one device to another.

Samsung Smart Switch is by far our favorite data transfer app for Android. It’s reliable, fast, easy to use, and won’t cause any damage to your videos or images during transfer. You have two options: wireless transfer or USB cable. The latter is safer and faster as it doesn’t suffer from network fluctuations.

Smart Switch can transfer any media, call logs, and messages. It also supports downloading apps, user accounts, documents, calendar data, and other information. It can transfer files between Android and iOS.

3. Samsung Health

Samsung Health is a fitness application that tracks your sleep, workouts, and calories. It is the default workout application on Galaxy watches. It has a variety of features that will help you better manage your health and track your progress.

You can challenge your friends and set fitness goals. You can also view curated videos from fitness experts if you need help to get in shape. These videos include topics like weight loss, muscle building, fitness for women and endurance training.

It has an easy-to-use interface that is both intuitive and beautiful. This app is great for both beginners and experts. A weekly summary of your activities and sleep can be viewed. As a reminder of your progress in your fitness journey, every milestone you reach earns you a badge.

4. Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings allows you to control and sync all of your smart home devices from one central app. It can be used to control lights, and thermostats, locks and unlock doors, manage power consumption, monitor security camera feeds, and other functions.

While setting up a smart home can be difficult, it is now easier thanks to the most recent update of the SmartThings app. This update brought new features and a new interface, as well as increased support for smart devices. Take a look at this list of compatible smart devices with SmartThings to get an idea.

SmartThings doesn’t require you to have Samsung-made appliances and devices to be able to use it. As long as your products are supported by SmartThings, the service will work in your home just as well. To set up your SmartThings system, you will need to have a Samsung account.

5. Samsung PENUP

Samsung phones include an S Pen that allows users to create more intricate and detailed artworks. Samsung PENUP can be used for any purpose.

It is a social networking platform for creatives that allows you to share and interact with others via comments, take part in challenges and events, create original artwork and view other artworks. There are many sketching tools available, but Samsung PENUP is unique because it focuses on the community.

Live Drawing is a great way to get started in drawing. It shows you a timelapse of a sketch created by another artist and lets you trace it to see the colors and brushes. The app can be used as a coloring book to see the creations of other artists who have used the templates.

These Samsung Apps Will Improve Your Life

Many Samsung apps are underrated because of the number of features they provide. These Samsung apps can be used to enhance your web surfing experience, improve your fitness app or simply to express your creativity.

These apps may not work as well on Samsung Galaxy devices. However, they are worth looking at even if your device is from another manufacturer. The best part? The best part? All apps are free and do not require any subscriptions.

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