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5 Best Office Hoteling Solutions in 2022

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An office hoteling solution has become an essential tool for increasing the efficiency and flexibility of a hybrid workplace. It enables your employees to view and reserve an available workstation in advance. This way, they can navigate to their desk directly without wasting time searching for one.

But when it comes to implementing an office hoteling solution for a hybrid workplace, there are many options in the market to choose from. This can make it complicated and time-consuming to narrow down on a solution that will best fit your company. 

To simplify it for you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best office hoteling solutions that you must look out for in 2022. These solutions will help your hybrid teams stay organized and fit your company’s size, goals, and budget. Let us dive right in.


  • WorkInSync

The first office hoteling solution provider on our list is WorkInSync. It is a comprehensive app that supports both hot desking and hoteling. The solution also offers flexible preferences and Covid-centric health and safety features to ensure a safe work environment.

With WorkInSync’s advanced features like standing desks, dual monitors, etc., you can easily find a workstation based on your specifications. The office hoteling solution also allows you to upload interactive and detailed floor plans, including office layout, available desks, and other important areas in the office like meeting rooms or cafeteria.

The system integrates with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to enable employees to make bookings while they drive to the office. The office hoteling solution also integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft ADFS, Slack, G-Suite Calendars, One Login, Okta, and Honeywell EBI. 

WorkInSync’s pricing starts at starts at $2.50/user/month. The platform also offers a free plan for companies with less than 50 employees. You can also request a free demo before investing in the solution.


  • SpaceIQ

SpaceIQ offers three different workplace efficiency tools for hybrid offices-

  • SiQ– This is a streamlined workspace management and office hoteling solution for businesses looking to get started quickly regardless of their size. 
  • Archibus– This is an integrated workplace management system that can be customized or run directly to organize your space, assets, and facility.
  • Serraview– This enterprise-level workplace management system offers office hoteling solutions with detailed analytics and reporting. It is ideal for big companies that have complex structures or requirements.

SpaceIQ facilitates all functions of a flexible workplace like hot desking, hoteling, space, inventory, seating layouts, and much more.

The office hoteling solution integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Slack, PeopleHR, Losant, and Namely. It can also integrate with popular calendar programs like Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar, and Office 365 Calendar.

SpaceIQ’s pricing details are not readily available but you can request a free demo on their website.


  • Skedda

Skedda offers a smart office hoteling solution that is infinitely customizable and can be implemented quickly. It gives you complete control over office space usage. This includes meeting rooms and desks. 

Skedda’s office hoteling solution enables people to book themselves. So you only need to set up user rules and specify the bookable spaces. After this, your employees will be able to manage their bookings themselves. 

Their interactive floor plans allow employees to view and reserve workstations directly from the map interface. They can also use the time-of-day range-slider to determine when their preferred desk will be available again.

The office hoteling solution integrates with calendar programs like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and iCloud. You can also integrate the solution with communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mailchimp, Trello, etc.

Skedda’s pricing starts at $7/month. You can avail of a free demo or a 30-day free trial of their premium version. The platform also offers a freemium version with limited features.


  • Condeco

Condeco’s office hoteling solution is more suitable for hybrid workforces that need maximum flexibility. The platform caters to users who want different types of desk bookings. The office hoteling solution offers three categories based on your preferences- fixed, flexible, and bookable workspaces. 

Fixed spaces are assigned to particular employees permanently but can be reserved by others if they are away. Flexible workplaces are assigned to one or more employees but can be reserved by others if they do not check in on a given day. And bookable workplaces are not assigned to any particular employee and can be reserved by anyone.

Condeco’s office hoteling solution integrates with 15+ programs including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, etc. They also offer an API to support additional customized integrations.

Condeco’s pricing information is not readily available but you can request a free demo on their website.


  • Robin

Robin’s sophisticated office hoteling solution empowers employees and equips managers with the required tools to manage hybrid workspaces effectively. The platform generates real-time usage analytics that makes it easier to determine hoteled or available desks at a given time.

Employees can use the office hoteling solution to reserve desks through a mobile app, desktop, or kiosks placed at different locations across the facility. The system also offers other features like wayfinding and platform searchability to improve employee productivity.

The office hoteling solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack, Exchange, and BlueJeans.

Robin’s pricing starts at $1,500/year. You can also request a 14-day free trial and a free demo through their website.

The Takeaway

An office hoteling solution is a vital component of a hybrid workplace. But not all solutions will fit the requirements of your company. 

With WorkInSync office hoteling software, you can improve space management by tracking booked desk. The desk booking software helps you optimize real estate costs with real time space utilization data. 

To know more about WorkInSync and its products, get in touch with the product experts today. 

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