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4 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom More Spacious

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A massive palatial bathroom- every homeowner’s dream. In an ideal world, this could be possible. Sadly we don’t live in that perfect world. Space is limited. We got to divide it into different functional rooms. The division cuts off sizeable footage from the bathrooms, making them smaller and restricted. Fortunately, there are ways and tricks to create a more spacious and twice as large bathroom without additional footage or construction.

Let’s talk about the tricks and ways to create an illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Rethink Your Layout

The layout is key to creating a spacious and functional bathroom. If your bathroom is cramped, you may need to remodel and reposition bathroom fixtures to let in more light and add functionality to the bathroom.

You’ll need to consider floor plans, privacy, positioning of bathroom fixtures, accessories, doorways, and how many people use the bathroom. Remember to get permits before redesigning the bathroom. Also, there are building codes you need to adhere to as you change your bathroom layout.

A Lot of planning, rules, and codes go into redesigning a bathroom. Therefore, work with a bath remodeling professional or contractor instead of taking it as a DIY project.

White on White

Don’t ignore the color theme in your bathroom. It is a crucial part of the bath remodeling project.

The colors on the walls, floors, bathroom accessories, and decor items can make the bathroom smaller or larger than it is. Light color schemes will give a spacious feel to your bathroom.

Try white on white. You’ll be amazed to uncover extra square footage hiding behind the dark walls and bathroom accessories. Besides, white gives your bathroom a clean, elegant, and timeless look. You’ll only need to add color to the white on white with warm-toned furniture or decor. But do it sparingly.

Also, incorporate bold-colored metals into the space. Think gold, brass, or rose gold faucet. Exposed plumbing can also add color to the white theme. You can let the color match the faucet or let the metal contrast. But remember, too much color may turn a beautiful bathroom into a chaotic one.

A Space Doubler

Mirrors not only act as decor items in the bathroom but also act as functional items for your bathroom. A big mirror makes a small bathroom more spacious.

Wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling mirrors on both sides of the wall create a visual illusion of more space. It also reflects lights making the bathroom brighter.

You can also let the mirror face a window or a light source. Reflection boots up the lighting coming from the window or the light source. Do you have a stand-alone bathtub? A floor-to-ceiling mirror behind the bathtub will turn it into a magical piece. On top of that, the reflection adds a spacious feel to the bathroom.

Illuminate the Bathroom

Maximize both natural and artificial lighting in your bathroom. Natural light is a great space booster in a small bathroom. Think of adding a huge window to let more light into the bathroom. You can reflect the lights with shiny walls, glossy floors, or mirrored walls. The brightness will make a restricted bathroom appear spacious and airy.

If you can’t add a bigger window, think of installing skylights. But this may not work if you live in an apartment.

You’ll need to supplement the natural illumination with artificial lights. Install bright white lighting. White lights are great for visibility purposes. They also make the bathroom cleaner and airy. Try layering lighting in the bathroom. It makes the bathroom visually appealing and brighter. Don’t forget the vanity area. Your focus should be beautiful, exposed, and bright lighting. Moisture-rated recessed lighting will be good for the shower area.

Also, consider adding decorative lighting for decor purposes.

It’s a Wrap

You don’t have to add extra footage to create a spacious bathroom. You can create more space through shiny surfaces, decor items, and proper layout. Besides, brightness creates a perception of airiness and spaciousness. You can achieve this with mirrors, light colors on the wall, and adequate lighting. But you may need to be subtle when installing lighting and light fixtures. You don’t want to turn the tiny bathroom into a small room full of light fixtures. Nonetheless, the design tricks above will make your bathroom trendy, more beautiful, and more spacious.

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