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Split Screen View on any Samsung tablet model

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Your Samsung Galaxy Tab may have been purchased for one of many reasons. You may want a large, solid screen to view Netflix, YouTube or other media delights. You might be looking for Samsung’s S Pen talent to create some amazing masterpieces. You might also be looking for a gaming or mobile tablet.




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  • A Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet
  • Android 9.0 Pie or later


  • Split-screen mode in Android 9.0 Pie or later
  • Open an app in a pop-up window

No matter the reason you use your Samsung Galaxy Tab, there will be times when it is essential to make the most of its large screen. Being able to view two things simultaneously is very useful. This could be reading two documents at once, watching a video and messaging someone else, or following instructions for a task. Split-screen mode is very helpful in such situations. This is how split-screen mode works on a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

How to use split-screen mode in Android 9.0 Pie or later

Split-screen mode can be used by Android’s built-in tools. The split-screen mode was first introduced on Samsung devices in Google 9.0 Pie almost four years ago. All modern Samsung tablets should be able to access this feature. Here’s how you can use it.

Step 1 Open the app to split-screen view. Although it is not necessary, you must be able to find the app in your most recent apps list.

Step 6 – Choose the second app that you wish to open from your app drawer. It will appear next to your first.

You can open the two apps in Pop-up View as normal, but you also have some options. Drag the bars between the windows to resize them. You can also open one of the apps in Pop-up View.

A pop-up window for opening an app

You can open your app in a pop-up window instead of in split-screen mode. This can be done from the Recent Apps menu or when you have an open app in split-screen view.

To open the most recent apps menu:

Step 1: Open your recent apps menu.

Step 2 Tap on the app’s icon to select Open a Pop-up View.

Are you already using a split-screen view to open the app? This is how you can make it a pop-up.

Step 1 Tap on the blue line at top of the app.

Step 2 Click the Pop-up View icon. It should be the first on the list.

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