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3 ways to track Starlink Satellites

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Starlink, Elon Musk’s new internet provider has been a hot topic for years. Because of Musk’s success in the tech industry, many are excited about Starlink and the high speed it promises. There are thousands of satellites in orbit now, so it is not surprising that you can track their position in real-time.

Which Starlink satellite tracking sites are best?

  1. Satellite Map

Satellite Map makes it easy to locate any Starlink satellite, as well as ground stations that are based on Earth. It functions in the same way as Google Earth. You can rotate it to view different continents or countries.

You can click on any satellite orbiting and view its name and launch date. Also, you can see its altitude (including its history at the bottom right). You can also click on any red ground station to see its general location, antenna count, diameter, and antenna size.

  1. Starlink

Find Starlink lets you see where the main satellites orbit. However, unlike Satellite Map which shows you all satellites orbiting, Find Starlink doesn’t give you that information. You can view the main satellites’ orbits so you know exactly where they are going next.

You can also use your position to see if there is a satellite passing by within the next few days. This is especially useful if you have access to a telescope.

  1. Starlink Tracker

Starlink Coverage Tracker provides a great resource for tracking satellites and providing information. It provides live satellite maps and details about each satellite, including its name, coverage, quality, and covered areas. You can click on any satellite to view its trajectory, which will allow you to track it as it passes near your location.

Each satellite is enclosed by a blue circle that indicates its coverage radius. You can also check the locations of standby satellites, as well as the coverage predictions.

Keep updated on Starlink’s satellites

It’s easy and quick to find Starlink satellites using the sites listed above. These live maps allow you to follow these satellites as they race around the globe. You can also check for coverage or just be curious.

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