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The Best Way To Boot Up A PS4 In Safe Mode

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The PS4 is still extremely popular, even with the PS5’s release. Users log in every day to stream movies and play their favorite games. However, sometimes things can go wrong. Although it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes your PS4 will crash or become stuck. In these cases, you’ll need Safe Mode to restart your PS4.

Safe Mode is often used to diagnose software issues or work around problems without interfering with third-party software.

Safe Mode should only be used to restart your PS4 console. A safe Mode is an option if you are unable to turn on your console in the normal way. Safe Mode is for those who have a Mac or iPhone. Simply hold down the power button on the console and hope for the best. Here’s how you can boot your PS4 into Safe Mode.

What to do when the PS4 enters Safe Mode

Please Note: Before you boot in Safe Mode, make sure that all USB ports work. After you have prompted your PS4 to boot, you will need to connect your controller. If the USB ports stop working, you will need to get a physical repair done before you can connect your controller again.

  1. Completely turn off the PS4. As usual, press the power button. Your console should blink a few more times before it shuts down.

  2. To turn it on again, press and hold the power button. When the power button is pressed, you should hear a beep and another seven seconds later. After you have heard both, press the power button.
  3. Your PS4 should start in Safe Mode. Connect your controller to the PS4 and press the PS4 button. You will need a DualShock controller to control your PS4 via USB.

To exit Safe Mode, simply turn off your PS4 then turn it on again. Your PlayStation should restart normally.

How PS4 Safe Mode works

After your PS4 is in Safe Mode, there are a few options.

  • Restart causes your PS4 to boot normally (if it is possible).
  • Change Resolution’ causes your PS4’s to start-up in 480p the next time.
  • Update System Software allows you to update your firmware using a USB drive or the internet.
  • Restore default restores your PS4 to factory settings but keeps your data.
  • Rebuild Database’ scans the drive to essentially re-index its contents.
  • “Initialize PS4” erases all of your data and rolls it back to when you first took it out of its box.

If your device experiences an issue after an update, Safe Mode can be helpful. Although it should be possible to reboot your PS4 in Safe Mode, it may not always work.

PS4 stuck in Safe Mode Boot Loop

Many users reported that their PlayStation 4 was looping in Safe Mode. This means that the PlayStation 4 will not start in normal mode. If this happens, you can take a few steps.

1. Connect a PS4-USB Charging Cable

If your PS4 won’t exit Safe Mode regardless of whether it reboots or not, you should first connect the controller to the console with a charging cable. Once the controller has been securely connected, choose the Safe Mode option.

Sometimes the USB cable may not connect properly to the console due to wear or defective parts. Sometimes the connection appears to be successful, but it’s not. To test if Safe Mode exits successfully, try a different PS4 controller cable.

2. For twenty minutes, power down your PS4

No matter your status, a PS4 Safe Mode boot loop could be frustrating. If a direct connection with the console is not possible, turn the PlayStation off for 20 minutes. Sometimes the console needs to be given a rest to cool down and reset itself.

Next, restart your console in Safe Mode as you normally would. You should check for updates. These updates could fix common issues, add new features or improve performance. A Playstation 4 update can solve many common problems in many situations.

3. Do a factory reset

You can also reset your PS4 completely. You can do a PS4 factory reset if your PS4 is stuck in Safe Mode.

This option will erase everything on your console, including your progress and games. After restarting your device, log in with your PlayStation credentials. All of your content should now be available for download to your PS4 via the store.

4. Get the latest PS4 update to USB

If the update fails to complete or is not completed in some cases, a boot loop could occur. Download the most recent PS4 update and install it via USB. Try the reinstallation option if it fails. This file will install any corrupted system software and also apply the most recent update. The second option will restore your PS4 to factory defaults. All data will be deleted.

FAQs for Playstation 4’s Safe Mode

My PS4 won’t boot in Safe Mode. Is there any other way I can get my PS4 to boot in Safe Mode?

It is a good idea always to verify that all cables have been properly connected. You can check that all cables are properly connected if you still have trouble booting your PS4 into Safe Mode.

Your device may be the problem. You can get more personalized assistance through the PlayStation website if that’s the case.

My Safe Mode doesn’t work for me. What is the problem?

Safe Mode and controllers have been criticized by many users. After you have prompted Safe Mode to boot, your controller must be plugged into the USB port on the console. This pairing happens because the USB connector sends information to the console telling it how to work.

If your controller is charging, it’s possible that your cable is the problem. If you have the original USB cable from your console, then use it. If you are using a third-party USB cable, then try another one. Although you may need to test several cables, you will still need a data transfer and not just a charging one.

Although it can be difficult to determine which cable is a data cable, comparing two cables side-by-side will show that the sheathing on a cable for data transfer is thicker than that on a standard charging cable.

How can I get my PS4 from Safe Mode?

After you are done with troubleshooting your console or fixing it, you can quickly exit Safe Mode and restart your console. For Safe Mode boot loop problems, if your console reboots in Safe Mode, please refer to the instructions above.

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