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17 Google Home Commands That Are Useful for Mini Games

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Google Home devices combine Google Assistant and smart home devices. You can use Google Home commands to do a variety of fun and useful things.

There are many commands to control your smart home. These are some fun Google Home commands you should use.

What is Google Home Commands?

Google Home commands can be used to speak instructions to Google’s smart speakers. They can be used with both Google’s devices and those of its partners. These devices can run Google Assistant which allows them to use voice commands to access a wide range of apps and services.

Google Home commands can be used to launch interactive mini-games and control compatible devices. They also allow for hands-free calling and other tasks. You can also combine commands through routines.

Google Home routines perform a series of tasks that are linked together by a single voice command. Google Home can, for example, start a routine to prepare you for bed if you ask it. It will dim your bedroom lights, play relaxing music and lower your thermostat.

Google Home commands are free. You don’t need to have an Android device with you everywhere to use Google Assistant. Instead, you can speak to your Google Home device to wake it up and give it a command. Assistant is now available to all members of the family without them needing their own devices.

Google Home Commands: Games You Can Play

Google Assistant-powered devices like the Google Mini, Google Home and Google Max can be used to play games with friends or alone. Here are some Google Home mini-games that you should check out.

Ding Dong Coconut is a mix of sound and memory games. The game requires you to recall sounds played by Google Home as well as words that the Assistant assigns. One example is the bark of a dog being associated with “smartphone”. You will need to remember which words are associated with which sounds during the game.

2. Participate in a Song Quiz with Google Home

Song Quiz lets you guess the artist and song name from short clips. You can select the decade in which you want the songs to be chosen, and how many people are participating.

3. Join a Movie Quiz with Google Home

Movie Quiz is a trivia game about movies by the same people who created Song Quiz. This quiz requires players to guess the movie title, release year and audio clip. You can also choose which decade the movies should be from and how many people are participating.

Simply say: “Hey Google! Play Movie Quiz!”

4. Play the Brainstormer Trivia Game on Google Home

Google Home can open Brainstormer Trivia, a trivia and general knowledge game that’s fun. Multiple-choice questions will test your knowledge on a range of topics. If you don’t know the answer, you can get an explanation.

Simply say: “Hey Google! Talk to Brainstormer Trivia!”

5. Play the Game of Castle

The Game of Castle is another fun Google Home minigame. This RPG takes you on a narrative adventure through a series of scenarios. Google guides you through each stage, giving you options.

Simply say:

6. Play Akinator with Google Home

Akinator is a 20-question quiz with a twist. A fictional genie called Akinator will ask twenty questions to help you determine which celebrity, public figure or fictional character you are thinking of.

Simply say: “Hey Google! I want to speak to Akinator!”

7. Flip A Coin With Google Home

Although it isn’t a game, Google can flip a coin to help you. Your Google Home can help you make decisions between friends or guess the outcome.

8. Google Home: New Games

Are you unsure which game to choose? Want to try something different? Google can help you. First, you can ask your Google Home a variety of humorous questions. If you are looking for a specific game, Google can help you find one.

Google Home Commands Music, Sound and Audio

You can find entertainment content through your Google Home device, even if you don’t necessarily want to play games. These commands can be used to play music, listen to podcasts, and enjoy radio broadcasts.

9. Listen to Your Favorite Songs

Google Home can play songs or tracks from an associated music account. Google will play the track if you name the artist and song.

YouTube Music is the default app, but you can associate other streaming accounts with the Assistant via the Home app. Google Home supports Spotify and Apple Music, Pandora, as well as Deezer.

Simply say: “Hey Google! Play [song name] by (artist).”

10. Relaxation

Ambient sounds and white noise are excellent for helping you fall asleep. Google Assistant helps you fall asleep by playing soothing sounds like rainstorms and crackling fires.

Simply say: “Hey Google! Help me relax” or “Okay Google! What ambient sounds do you have?”

11. Listen to the radio with Google Home

Ask Google to play your favorite radio station, even if you don’t want to use Spotify or Pandora. The associated app that you use will determine whether Assistant responds to the station’s number or call sign

12. Recommendation for a Podcast

Google Home is a great way to find podcasts that you like, but you don’t know where to start. Ask Assistant to suggest a podcast, and it will provide a list with ten options to choose from.

Google Home Commands Chromecast

You can control Chromecast using Google Assistant- and, by extension, give Google Home the functionality of a TV remote/automated media player. To make your Chromecast recognize which device you are using, you’ll need to give it a name such as Living Room TV.

13. Use your Chromecast to Remote Control

Google Home commands can be used to control your TV using Assistant. These include volume control, media playback, and turning on your TV.


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