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12 Tips To Take Better Shots With A Disposable Camera

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 Capturing photos with smartphones and digital cameras is the easiest way to keep anything remembered. Despite their convenience, the latest technology can’t replace the old devices. For example, when it comes to taking vintage and candid photos disposable cameras play a crucial role.

Although disposable cameras cannot produce the same photos as high-end digital cameras. In some cases, they can provide better images with more control. High-contrast, saturated colors, and mostly sharp and bright images make these cameras quite different from digital ones.

Besides, while capturing photos with disposable cameras, you can’t preview the image, which is pretty thrilling. However, following some simple techniques, you can take full advantage of this camera. For your help, in this context, we will talk about some effective tips. These will help to improve your skills in taking photos with disposable cameras.

Why Should You Use Disposable Cameras?

Digital cameras are undoubtedly better than traditional disposable cameras. But in some cases, disposable cameras perform functions well. Here we have discussed some such significant advantages of disposable cameras.

Affordable and Convenient

Compared to digital cameras, disposable cameras are much more affordable. The price range of these cameras is $13 to $22. Due to adorableness, you won’t have to worry about breaking or losing them while traveling. You can even get disposable camera pictures developed if it breaks accidentally.

Create A Feeling Of Excitement

You can view your images on a built-in LCD screen when taking photos with digital cameras. This may be convenient, but it compromises the real joy and fun of taking photos. Instead of enjoying every moment, you have to focus on getting perfect shots. On the other hand, disposable cameras enable you to capture a limited number of pictures. So you can save time for special moments that make you feel excited.

Great Keepsake

Unlike digital cameras, disposable cameras can’t produce clear, realistic photos. Although capturing photos with disposable cameras may be imperfect, it will make them special. Additionally, disposable cameras work as great keepsakes since you can develop the film and compile the pictures into an album.

Tips To Take Better Shots With A Disposable Camera

Although taking photos with disposable cameras may not be like digital cameras, you can take better images following some techniques. We have discussed some effective tips for taking amazing photos with disposable cameras for your convenience.

Avoid Poor Light

Capturing photos in low light is very challenging, especially with a disposable camera. Sometimes it won’t be possible to get all the scenes when taking photos in low-light conditions. In that case, you can capture photos with a flash. Flash will provide enough light in your shooting area, making your photos colorful. Remember, you must have a subject to photograph while using flash.

Focus On the Subject

While taking photos of a person or anything else, the focus will ensure the clarity of your captured images. Although most cameras focus automatically, you can also move the subject to improve photo quality. So, if you don’t want to blur your photos, focus on the subject properly to highlight your desired object.

Using the Flash On Indoor

Always available lights will not be enough to present all the scenes you are trying to capture. This scenario mainly happens while taking indoor photos. That’s why the disposable camera’s flash comes in handy. Capturing photos with the flash allows you to take your desired shots. However, always maintain a distance of 1-3 meters from your subject, which will enable you to capture the full shot with light.

Choose A Good Background

Photos with too many destructive elements will affect your overall shot. On the other hand, a good background will help you perfectly focus on the main subject in a picture. So, you have to ensure that the background of your image is perfect or based on your main subject. It is also possible to enhance your photos by choosing a symmetrical background.

Avoid Camera Shake

Shaking the camera you hold is the common reason for getting blurry photos. For that, professional photographers advise holding cameras correctly. To hold a camera properly, you can use both hands, one around the camera’s left side and one around the right side with the shutter button. This way, you can capture your preferred photos without making the image blur.

Create a Sense Of Depth

While taking landscape photos with disposable cameras, try to create a sense of the viewer there. To do such things, you can modify your main subject position in the foreground. This will help the image to emphasize the distance and give a sense of scale. Photography with this style allows viewers to feel the depth of the photo’s surroundings.

Taking Portraits Above Eye Level

When you shoot standing at eye level, there can always be some distortion in the photographs. So it is very important to take photos at the proper level, especially if you want to capture portraits. You can set yourself at the average level of the thing or person you are trying to shoot. In some cases, you may need to bend down in certain circumstances to get the best shots.

Shoot From Different Angles

The simplest way to take advantage of a particular moment is to capture images from different angles. You can move the subject or move yourself while capturing photos when focusing on the main subject. This way, you can make ordinary photos outstanding through your creativity.

Maintain Proper Distance

As disposable cameras contain fixed lenses, you have to maintain a proper distance between the camera and the subject. Otherwise, some of your shots might appear out of focus. In that case, you can keep a distance of 1-3 meters from the subject you are shooting. This distance will help you avoid getting blurry and less sharpened photos.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

Since disposable cameras don’t allow adjusting focal points, you can follow the rule of thirds. According to this rule, the most significant parts in your images should be off center. So, you can imagine a tic-tac-toe board before your shot. You just have to put the prime subject in the middle of the points you imagined. This will enable you to take professional-looking photos.

Put Some Through Into Perspective

Perspective makes a good impact on your captured photos. So, while setting up any photos, spend some time thinking about perspective. You can think about what things you will need in your photographs to be outstanding. According to your thoughts, position yourself and your subject in the right place to capture your preferred photos.

Fill The Frame

Filling the frame means leaving too much space around your prime subject. This will enable you to distract unnecessary things from the background of your photo. For example, fill the frame with a person’s face while shooting a photograph. It will make your photos more captivating and professional as distracting elements are cropped out.


Photography with digital cameras doesn’t enable you to realize the actual excitement. To feel the real happiness of photography, using disposable cameras is the right choice. With this camera, you can shoot vintage and candid photos that are quite hard with digital cameras.

In some cases, you can shoot better pictures than high-end cameras by following simple techniques. We have already discussed some effective and straightforward tips for shooting photos with disposable cameras. Following these tips, you can capture surprisingly appealing photos.

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