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10 Samsung Smart TV Features That Make It Worthy

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Whether you are aware of it or not, we live in a technologically advanced environment now. There are countless devices, appliances, and applications in our daily lives. They do exist everywhere. One of these useful pieces of equipment that plays a key role in our smart home environment is the smart TV. Unbelievably, using a smart TV means you can never go back to watching TV the old-fashioned way using a cable box.


Unquestionably, one of the top products in the category is the Samsung Smart TV. We are referring specifically to the Samsung Smart TV here due to its tons of amazing features like hospitality mode, live cast, a dedicated gaming mode, private listening, smart eco-solutions, and many more.


So, if you are looking for a smart TV or want to own one, the following features of the Samsung Smart TV might help you in making a smart choice. Enlisted below are some of the unique features of the Samsung Smart TV that help you in getting the best viewing experience.

Samsung Smart TV Unique Features

Let’s get going and check out some of the top Samsung Smart TV features and tips for a smooth visual experience.

Hospitality Mode

Not many of you are aware of this, but Samsung Smart TVs are excellent choices for the hospitality sector. You must be wondering how? So basically, the Samsung Smart TV provides you with a hospitality mode that enables you to create a hidden menu with unique settings that are only available to users. You may adjust a number of parameters in this mode, including the maximum volume limit and the energy-saving mode, which uses less power, making it ideal for guests.

Game Mode

As we already said, the specific Game mode function on the Samsung Smart TV enables you to watch games with optimal viewing quality and picture-perfect visuals. How does the Game mode operate then? As soon as you switch to Game mode on your Smart TV, your HDMI signal is given priority for the best possible viewing.


The game mode is a handy little function that prepares your smart TV for gaming. Samsung wants to lessen latency since even a tiny bit of it may be annoying. It has a special mode that gives the HDMI signal from your computer or game console priority in order to provide minimal latency and optimal image settings. Go to Settings > General > External Device Manager > Game Mode to enable this option.

Smart Eco Solutions

The Smart Eco Solutions function on the Samsung TV is another helpful but underutilized feature. You may change the brightness of your TV with this option to match the lighting in your surroundings. Isn’t it fantastic? Wait, things improve. Your Samsung Smart TV also has a “Motion Lighting” function that automatically lowers the screen’s brightness when you fall asleep or when the device detects fewer movements. The next time you doze off while watching a movie on the couch, the bright light from your TV won’t interfere with your slumber.

Smart View Option

The Samsung SmartThings app makes it simple to mirror your smartphone’s screen to a TV, among other methods. Go to the SmartThings app, connect to the TV, tap the TV to see the choices, then choose “Smart View” from the list.

Private Listening

One of the things that we like the most about the SmartThings app is the ability to route TV audio through a smartphone. It can be useful if you want to watch TV late at night without disturbing your significant other. Connect a set of headphones to your smartphone, activate this function from the SmartThings app, and enjoy. You may also use Chromecast audio as an alternative. For instance, you may use the SmartThings app to stream audio from your smartphone to your TV or music system if you are hosting a party or have people over.

Smart Security

Devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are a prime target for significant cyberattacks. Samsung provides a Smart Security function that completely checks your whole device to protect your Smart TV from any potential dangers or viruses. Go to Settings> General> System Manager> Smart Security> Scan to utilise Smart Security.

Dark Mode

Love using your smartphone’s dark mode? Well, guess what? The majority of Samsung’s Smart TV lineup has this capability. While it performs the same things as a dark mode, it is more of a high-contrast option. Simply select High Contrast Mode under Settings > General > Accessibility to enable it.

Use Keyboards and Mouse

You may use a wireless keyboard and mouse to explore and operate your full Samsung Smart TV set. Go to Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Device Manager > Bluetooth Device List in order to achieve this. Pair your keyboard and mouse by tapping the symbol when it appears on the TV screen.


Likewise, you can also use the SmartThings App as your TV remote if your Samsung TV remote is not working.

Mirror Your Computer’s Display

With the help of Miracast, which is included in Samsung Smart TVs, you can mirror the Windows display. Go to WIN+P > Connect to a Wireless Display > Select Samsung TV from the list if your computer supports Miracast. Remember to connect both the computer and the TV to the same Wi-Fi network. You would then get a message on the TV requesting your permission to establish the connection; simply select yes to do so.

Scan for Virus

When connecting USB devices to a computer, it is always a good idea to check them for malware, and Smart TVs are no exception. You can scan your entire TV for viruses with Samsung Smart TVs. The choice, though, is tucked away in the Settings. Go to Settings > General > System Manager > Smart Security > Scan to scan your Smart TV.


Here are some of the top Samsung smart TV features to help you make the most of your device and enjoy the finest possible watching. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or comments!

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