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10 Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Desktop

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Surprisingly, many Windows users do not change their desktop backgrounds. We don’t think so. Next time you are at an airport or coffee shop, look over the shoulders of a few people.

Of those who do switch their desktops, many stay with the stock images of the operating systems. It’s boring.

You can jazz up your computer by using a Windows theme that is system-wide. These are the top Windows 10 themes that you can use on every desktop.

1. Windows 10 Dark Theme: GrayEve Theme

It’s safe to say that Windows 10’s dark themes look the coolest. Dark themes for Windows 10 can reduce eye strain.

There are so many dark themes that it is hard to pick a winner. But we love GreyEve. The ZIP file can be downloaded from DeviantArt. Place the file into 

If you don’t like the GreyEve Theme, we have many other dark themes that Windows 10 can use.

2. Black Aero Theme in Windows 10: Hover [Broken URL Removed]

There isn’t much difference between a dark and a black theme. Hover Dark Aero Theme uses more blacks than the GreyEve Theme.

You will need to install UXThemePatcher for Windows 10 before you can use the theme. Once you have the theme installed, download a copy from DeviantArt.

3. HD Theme for Windows 10 – 3D Theme

3D Theme is available on ThemePack and contains 17 high-definition wallpapers. All wallpapers give the illusion of 3D graphics.

Although the images are abstract, many of them draw inspiration from cubes and spheres.

To use 3D Theme, put the files in %windir%/Resources/Themes. All 17 images can be used at once. To cycle through them, right-click on your desktop.

4. Simplify 10

The Simplify 10 theme is a great alternative to the cluttered Windows layout. This is one of the most popular Windows 10 themes. It removes a lot of unnecessary design elements and leaves you with a minimalist theme that looks stunningly sleek.

Simplify 10 is available in three versions: a light, dark, and a Maverick theme. Maverick is a theme that is closely related to Ubuntu Linux.

5. Windows XP theme for Windows 10: XP themes

Windows XP lasts a lifetime in your memory.

You shouldn’t be using operating systems for your daily computing. It’s no longer supported and is a security risk. You can make Windows 10 look exactly like XP—it’s the best option for XP aficionados.

XP Themes are available on DeviantArt. Before you start setting up UxStyle, make sure that you have the most recent version.

6. Mac Theme for Windows 10 – macDock

The dock is probably the most popular feature of macOS’s operating system. The dock allows you to quickly access all of your most frequently used apps. You can use the Windows taskbar in the same way. However, if you want to feel like a Mac, you might consider macDock.

It adds a Mac-like dock at the bottom of your screen, as the name implies. The dock will replace the taskbar and you can adjust the dock to show the apps you prefer.

It also includes a variety of Mac apps, including Widget and Launchpad, Siri and Finder. You can even choose from three skins or drag-and-drop to customize the interface.

To get started, grab the DeviantArt installation files and run the EXE file.

7. Windows 10 Anime theme: Various

Anime in all forms seems to be growing in popularity; Netflix has created a slew Anime originals, it can stream on Amazon Prime, while there are nearly endless resources that will teach you how to draw in anime style.

It is therefore not surprising to find so many anime themes for Windows 10. You can find themes for your favorite shows and stars on ThemePack, such as Haikyuu, Vegeta and Evangelion.

8. Best Microsoft Store Theme: Meteor showers

The Microsoft Store offers a free download of some of the most popular Windows 10 themes. There are many options to choose from, including some paid ones.

Meteor Showers is one of our favourite free themes. You can choose from 18 images of shooting star, or Windows will cycle through them all at predetermined intervals.

Other subjects in the images include animals, citiesscapes, lakes and forests.

9. Flattastic

Fantastic, as the name implies, eliminates color gradients and other design elements giving the impression of curves and replacing the whole desktop with a flat appearance.

There are 16 versions of the theme: eight light and eight dark. You will have access to all 16 when you paste the appropriate files into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

10. Linux Theme for Windows 10: Ubuntu SkinPack

While we’ve already discussed how to make Windows look similar to macOS, what about making Windows look more like Linux? The Ubuntu SkinPack combines Windows’ functionality with Linux’s look.

Ubuntu SkinPack supports Windows 10 and Windows 8.

NOTE: Before changing your Windows 10 theme…

When you are changing your Windows 10 theme, make sure that the accent colors of Windows match your desktop background. This will make your theme more cohesive.

This process is easy to automate. Go to Settings > Personalization>> Colors > Select your color. Mark the checkbox next to automatically choose an accent color from my background.

For more information on personalizing Windows, see our article How to create custom Start menu tiles for Windows 10.

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