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10 Best Windows 10 Icon Packs

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Give your Windows computer a unique look with these tips.

There are a lot of icons for Windows 10 that you can choose from

Image Packs: How To Use Windows 10

There are some icon packs that have their own instructions. You may need other third-party software.

After you have the icons installed you might need to make manual adjustments. Click on a file or folder to open Properties >Change. Next, navigate folder icons >Change Icon.

Once you have chosen it, don’t move it. You can do this to cause all the icons for files it is used to be to go back into the default white rectangle of Windows.

1. Kingdom Icons

Kingdom Icons has 51 icons. It features imagery that feels very similar to Game of Thrones and Robin Hood.

Unfortunately, the pack does not include images that are identical to the folder. Your documents are like a shield. Your music folder is the crown.

2. OS X Minimalism iPack

It actually was read. Although they might not be exactly what the original was, the icons pack brings the macOS icons to Windows.

OS X Minimalism iPack has additional icons that can be used to enhance system icons. These icons include RegEdit and Chrome, as well as the Calculator Command Prompt Windows Media Player Player Player Player and Chrome.

OS X Minimalism iPack arrived with a 7Z.

3. Kameleon Icons

Kameleon Icons offers a more recent set of Windows 10 icons.

The icon set includes 120 icons.

This HTML file can also be downloaded as PNG or SVG.

4. Social media Icons

Social media Icons contain ICO files that can be used for any social media icons, as well as web-based companies.

These icons are used to access Google Drive, Digg and Amazon, Soundcloud or Soundcloud, Soundcloud or Soundcloud, Soundcloud or Soundcloud, Google Commons, and Google Drive. This pack includes 100 icons.

5. RocketTheme Christmas Images

RocketTheme offers a Christmas Icons Pack that will give your computer a festive facelift.

Nutcrackers are a type of snow globe.

6. Icons for Chibi Anime Drive

Make your Windows 10 desktop unique with anime icons Although they can only be used in certain folders, the icons will still be popular with fans of more popular Japanese art.

The icon is unique because it features women who are part of popular anime shows.

Icons can be downloaded in the ICO Format. You can either download icons in bulk or one by one.

7. Flatcolor W10 IconPack

Flat Color W10 IconPack represents a reinterpretation of Windows 10’s fluent design. Flat Color W10 IconPack flattens color and homogenizes design.

ICO offers icons.

8. Icons of Animals

This pack contains 32 adorable animal illustrations.

This Windows 10 icons pack includes ducks.

9. Gamy Vintage Social Incons

Gamy Vintage Icons for Social Media are a great way to give your computer a vintage look. This pack includes 37 icons.

These icons allow you to customize your Windows 10 desktop.

10. Movie Mega Pack

Do you have a large amount of locally-saved films? If so, then you might want to check out our Movie Mega Pack icon set.

To create ICO files the creator used artwork taken from over 450 films. File Explorer makes finding the right icon easy.

Next steps to customize your Windows

These packs will give you an idea of how many icons IconFinder offers. IconFinder icons are not always free.

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