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10 best widgets for iPhone and iPad: our picks for the top choices

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The ability to add widgets on your home screen is one of the most amazing features of iOS or iPadOS. You can place them anywhere you like, giving you more control over customization.

Widgets are available for almost any topic you can imagine. This can be a bit overwhelming. What do you think? Which ones are the best?

To help you narrow down the list, we have compiled a list of our top widgets. These are our top picks for iPhone and iPad widgets.

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What is a widget?

A widget is essentially an extension of your app. The widget provides information about the app in a single window. This makes it easy to see the relevant information without having to open the app. Widgets are available for almost any topic you could imagine, including news, weather, stock and share information, and fitness.


There are preinstalled widgets for the iPhone and iPad. However, many apps allow you to add widgets after downloading them. This greatly expands your options and lets you personalize your selections to meet your specific needs. Here are some we recommend.

10. Night Sky

Image credit: Night Sky

Night Sky (opens new tab) This app tells you everything about the heavens. It allows you to discover about the stars, planets, and satellites of the universe using augmented reality.

Although the widget is very basic, it will inform you about any live events, passing satellites and the time of sunrise or sunset each day. This combo is great for anyone who wants to learn more about the wonders and mysteries of the universe. The only thing that is missing is Professor Brian Cox’s voiceover. Premium version offers even more widgets.

9. Photo Widget: Simple

(Image credit: Photowidget)

Although there is an iPhone and iPad stock photo widget, it is very basic. You can create your own albums and control how often an image changes Photo widget. You can also download it for free.

It can be used to create themes for your iPhone and iPad. You can customize wallpapers, app icons and other widgets such as countdown, constellations, clocks, clocks, memos, to-do lists, calendars, clocks, clocks and more. This widget is great for many reasons.

8. Carrot Weather

Image credit: CARROT

Weather (opens new tab) This is our favorite weather app. It was recently awarded the 2021 Apple App Store Awards (opens new tab), and the 2021 Apple Design Award. Carrot Weather has a great sense of humor and accurate weather forecasts. It also offers a clean interface.

Although the widget is not available for free, we believe it’s worth the extra cost. You can customize the widget and see the weather forecast in one glance without opening the app. This widget does exactly what you need, and it has a little more personality.

7. Fitness

(Image credit: Apple)

(opens new tab) is pre-loaded on iOS by Apple. This is great for a few reasons. It is designed to sync your Apple Watch and iPhone. It’s also free to use. This widget is great for anyone who is interested in helping you make healthier decisions.

It will show you information like calories burned, active minutes and time spent standing. You can also show the Progress Ring to see how close you are from completing your pre-set goals.

6. Find My

(Image credit: Apple)

Although the Locate My app from Apple is not one you will use often, it’s well worth it when you do. It can be used to track things that you’re concerned about losing, such as your Apple Watch, AirPods, and any AirTags attached. It can also be used to monitor people, such as making sure your child returns home from school safely.

This widget provides all the information you need without having to open the app. You can choose to have one or both of the widgets on your home screen.

5. Google Maps

(Image credit: Google)

Google Maps (opens new tab) is an amazing tool that can be used anywhere in the world. It also gives you many widgets to choose. You can also find a Google Travel Times widget that will tell you how long it takes to get to one destination.

A widget will give you information about local traffic conditions, opening hours of shops, and reviews for local restaurants. A widget allows you to find nearby stores, restaurants, and fuel stations. There are many widgets to meet all your travel needs.

4. Flipboard

(Image credit: Flipboard)

Flipboard (opens new tab) is an award-winning application that pulls from thousands of sources to provide news and information tailored to your interests. The widget will display the top headlines from the subjects you choose on your Home Screen.

You can choose from four sizes of the widget. There are four sizes available: a thumbnail with one headline, a larger collection of four stories, or a more comprehensive roundup. You also have the option to choose from four feeds: your own For You’ feed or the Daily Edition’ feed for the most recent news, a selection of in depth stories, and ’10 For Today’ for Flipboard’ picks.

3. Calm

(Image credit: Calm)

The world can be stressful. Calm (opens new tab), has been awarded multiple Apple awards. Calm widget allows you to access Daily Calm, along with breathing exercises and Sleep Stories, in one tap.

Daily Calm is a guided meditation lasting 10 minutes. Sleep Stories are bedtime stories that well-known celebrities like Leona Lewis, Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry read. Calm offers unlimited access to all content if you subscribe. Access to Calm’s content is available for purchase at PS28.99 per year or as a one-time PS299.99 payment.

2. Spark – Email App from Readdle

(Image credit: Spark)

SPARK – Email app by Readdle is a great way to organize your email. It organizes your inbox and notifies you of new emails. It also allows you to connect all of your email accounts so that you don’t have to bounce from one app.

These widgets take advantage of this by allowing you up to three options for quick access. Developers love Calendar, Attachments, Recently Seen and Recently Seen. You can choose whether you want a widget that shows you how many email you have or a bigger list of what is in your inbox. This is a great tool to quickly see what’s important.

1. Widgetsmith

(Image credit: Widgetsmith)

Widgetsmith (opens new tab) is an excellent tool to customize widgets for your home screen. It covers many topics, including weather, astronomy and calendars. The widgets can be set to change throughout the day.

Widgetsmith may show you the weather as you wake up, then switch to your calendar to show you your reminders for tomorrow as you enter the evening. Additional features such as Weather hosted data and Tide are available at a premium.


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