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10 Best Motorcycle Gadgets Money Can Buy

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Although motorcycle safety has made tremendous progress in the past few years, there are still a number of gadgets that can increase the enjoyment, safety, and comfort of your next ride. 

Check out 10 of our favorite motorcycle products below. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for that biker in your life or just looking to treat yourself to some new gear, this is the perfect list for you! 

Where to Shop for Motorcycle Gadgets

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Many of these coupons are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on your chance to save! 

  • Moto Ear Plugs

Did you know that any noise over 85dB can lead to potential ear damage? That’s bad news for motorcycle riders since freeway noises can easily reach 100dB. To protect yourself, invest in some moto ear plugs. Made with noise-filtering technology, they’ll eliminate the noise from tires, horns, and other loud sounds so you can focus on the road. 

  • Crashlight Service

Crashlight is a subscription service for your smartphone. It uses sensors and an AI algorithm to help keep you safe while on the road. Crashlight can detect crashes and contact emergency services for you, hands-free. It only costs $15 a year, too. 

  • Helmet Lock

Helmets cost a lot of money – keep would-be thieves at bay with a helmet lock. Using a four-digit code, the lock will link through your helmet and prevent it from being opened. While thieves can still cut off the portion of the helmet strap, it’s still far more secure than simply leaving your helmet on the seat. 

  • Wireless Charger

A wireless charger will allow you to charge your smartphone while on your next ride. There are even options available with built-in carrying cases. You simply lock your phone inside the case and it charges your phone for you as you ride. The case also acts as a protective barrier in case you get in an accident. 

  • Ignition Lock

If you’ve ever had your bike stolen, you know how devastating it can be. An ignition lock will replace your standard keyed setup while hiding the receiver out of sight. It’s equipped with tamper-free technology tools to maximize security. They are usually hard to set up so you might need to bring them to your local shop. 

  • Bluetooth Headset & Camera

A Bluetooth headset & camera can save you some serious money if you’re ever in a crash. These cameras capture film on a wide-degree field of view and allow you to save the recordings after they’ve been filmed. If you ever need to prove your innocence in an accident, video evidence can be crucial in getting the outcome you want. 

  • Global Hotspot

If you happen to be riding somewhere without cell service, a global hotspot will allow you to make phone calls or use the GPS services on your phone even without data. These devices can also be used by friends and family members to track your location should an unfortunate accident occur. 

  • Airbag Vest

Airbag vests can help keep you safe in case of an accident, but they used to be too expensive for the average rider to afford. Using AI technology, these vests can detect a crash and inflate in just milliseconds. These days, you can find some affordable models starting at just $300. 

  • GPS Kit

If you love to ride in the backcountry, consider a GPS kit. Not only can these kits suggest new routes for you to travel, but they can also record ride routes and contact your family in case of an accident. 

  • Brakebutt

One of the hardest parts of transitioning from driving a car to riding a bike is learning how to use the front and back brakes separately. The Brakebutt is a unique gadget that links both breaks together so you can operate them at the same time. This makes learning to ride a bike much easier.

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