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An boot drive is any piece of hardware that holds the required files needed for a computer to begin. For example, a drive drive or floppy disk drive DVD drive, CD-ROM drive, or USB jump drives are bootable devices. However, unless the boot files are kept on the diskette, drive or discs, the system is unable to boot from the device.

The most widely utilized boot device or boot drive is the hard drive. If the operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows) is installed on the hard drive it copies boot files and drivers needed to install Windows onto the PC. When installing a brand new operating system or troubleshooting your computer or booting from a different drive (e.g. CD-ROM drive) A CD or setup disk is placed into the drive. When it is set up correctly, the procedure for booting is properly set up all the files on the bootable disk are loaded.

The creation of a bootable disc drive

5 tools that help you Create bootable USB drives - Dignited

Today, there are numerous ways to make bootable discs, or any other kind that can be booted. If you want to create a bootable disk or drive to troubleshoot , or set up an operating system click the below link that is related with the type of bootable drive that you’re trying to make.

  • How to create bootable DVD.
  • How do you create an USB drive that can boot Windows USB device.
  • How do you create bootable diskettes.

No boot devices available

How to fix "No bootable device" hard drive error - Safemode Computer Service

If the hard drive of your computer isn’t functioning or hasn’t yet been installed or there aren’t any other bootable devices available, you’ll encounter an error message when your computer is booted. Common errors in this case include:

  • No bootable device
  • No boot devices available

The computer was able to scan every device available however, it did not find any drive that had boot files. If your computer was functioning prior to this error message, and no newly-built technology was installed, you’re HDD may have failed.

But, before you assume that the hard drive is failing check that there are all wires (especially USB cables) are connected to the computer. Also, make sure that all CDs, diskettes as well as different USB devices are taken off the computer. In certain situations the computer could be seeking to start from an inoperable device, which could be causing this error.

If there aren’t any other discs, disks or USB drives attached to your computer, and you’ve recently moved your computer, then open the computer and confirm that the cables for the hard drive are connected.

  • What is the best way to access a laptop case.

If neither of the suggestions above are able to resolve the issue It is likely that the issue is with a damaged hard drive.

Inaccessible boot device

KB7309] Windows 1903 BSOD Shows "Inaccessible Boot Device" with ESET  Endpoint Encryption

If the computer detects the boot device as inaccessible to boot, an error like ” inaccessible boot device,” is shown during the boot process. If this error appears it’s a sign that an infected drive (e.g. diskette, hard drive disc or USB drive) connected to the computer that isn’t bootable. Take all discs and disks from the computer, and then unplug all USB devices, MP3 players, or cameras that are connected with the PC.

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